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Should You Eat Only Vegetarian Food During Pregnancy?

Many of us think that eating nonveg is bad for health. And especially when one is pregnant, one thinks it as a good idea to avoid Nonvegetarian dishes. But is that a really healthy option or just a myth. Let’s find out.

The first reason they all give is that they find it not ethical to kill something just for food. That's no less than a taboo. If killing other creatures for food is unethical, then half of nature is doing that. Nature, along with us, have evolved this way itself.

Then they say that if we are getting all the nutrients by eating the vegetarian dishes, why to opt for nonvegetarian dishes? No, it's not true either. There are a lot of nutrients which are easily available by nonvegetarian foods but not by vegetarian food. So, if you eat nonveg, do not avoid it during pregnancy just by thinking that vegetarian is enough to get all the nutrients. Fish and Egg has a lot of protein which is essential to the child's growth in the womb.

Another argument goes for the number of impurities present in the nonvegetarian items like chicken and mutton. Well, here they make sense. When the poultry isn't kept clean and when the animal themselves eat harmful things like plastics, they are bound to move up in the food chain and somewhere it will come to us, humans, for sure.

Sometimes, people leave eating nonveg just for their own happiness. Maybe this is one good reason. The world is full of people who criticize and it's worthless to try and convince others with your actions. But one way of being happy is to do things for you, whatever you feel confident at, not bothering about others.

Many professionals suggest that eating nonvegetarian food during pregnancy is not going to affect your child, till the source of the nonveg food is clean, hygienic and noncontaminated. Ensuring these will be enough to think before eating nonveg.

To eat nonveg or not is completely your choice. And it must be yours only. Don't get biased by reading baseless facts. Don't just change things because someone else doesn't like it. Think of what you like and what you don't like. Whether you are able to digest the food and whether it has a good amount of nutrients present in it. Whether it will be good for your child?

All these questions will easily lead you to choose your meal.

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