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Should You Bathe In The Morning Or Night?

This issue is as tangled as the question- Who came first- the chicken or the egg? When it comes to jumping into the shower, it all boils down to personal preferences. Some people like to shower in the morning while some people enjoy going to bed after a nice hot shower at night.

What if we tell you, that there are benefits of showering at a certain time of the day, would you choose to make that switch? Of course, there are pros and cons to both the sides, say for example- you’re a really creative person and showering at the right time could get those brain juices flowing in the right direction! In a nutshell, it all depends on the kind of person you are and the kind of life goals you choose for yourself.

So, what are we waiting for- let’s dive into some steamy secrets to reveal the best time for a shower:

Shower in the morning only if:
1.Morning blues

Some people have issues when it comes to waking up in the morning, so they prefer showering in the morning as it will help them feel awake and fresh. It helps in kick-starting the metabolism and studies also show that turning the water’s temperature cold, towards the end of your shower will help you stay alert throughout the day.

2.Oily skin

If you have oily skin, you might as well shower in the morning instead of procrastinating. It is great for you to do so because oil tends to build on the skin throughout the night as you perspire even when you’re in bed. Showering in the evening will ensure that your pores are clean and that you’ll have an amazing glowing skin.

3. It helps you calm down

A quick shower in the morning allows you to be by yourself and think about what you’d like to do throughout the day. It acts as a meditation mantra which will help you focus better and prep you up for a long hectic day. Water is known for its property of calming people and that’s why people relax in swimming pools.

Shower in the night only if:
1.Difficulty in sleeping

There’s nothing better than having a nice hot shower before going to bed. It is exceptionally brilliant for people who have trouble sleeping at night. Although showers can wake you up, they can also put you into a very relaxed and eased out state of mind. The breeze that blows past your ‘fresh just out of the shower body’ is known to be a natural sleep inducer.

Funny way to fool your body into thinking its bed time, isn’t it?

2.Dry skin

Notice if you have any dry or flaky patches of skin, and then shift your morning shower routine to evening shower routine. If you have dry skin, it is a must that you bathe at night. That way your body will be able to retain some hydration as you’ll be away from the dust and dirt outside.

3.Keep your bed sheet clean

If you never change your bedspreads, you’re pretty much undoing all the cleansing stuff you did while having a shower. You’re again wrapping yourself in that nasty bundle of dirt and dust particles. So, keep your sheets clean and tidy, always.

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