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Shorter Women Have More Complications During Pregnancy: True Or False

If what you eat and do while you are pregnant can influence your pregnancy, then it’s safe to assume that certain personal characteristics like height and weight will affect you too, right? But the thing with height is that you can’t really alter it like the way you would your weight. So how will height affect the birth of your baby?

A study involving 3000 women concluded that shorter women have a higher chance of giving birth prematurely. But it’s not just the height that affects the full-term labor, nutrition and lifestyle habits play a role too.

It is first necessary to establish what ‘short’ means. In general terms, women below 5 ft are considered short but this doesn’t mean that women who fall under this category are incapable of having a normal delivery. It’s just that there are a few complications that they can expect and few of them are as listed below:

1. Premature birth

A baby born before 37 weeks is generally considered to be premature and it is associated with respiratory and digestive disorders in the baby. Studies show that maternal height does have a say in how long the mother carries the baby in her womb.

4. Underweight Baby

Since the uterus or the womb is smaller in short women, babies don’t have much space to grow and develop which means that the baby may weigh less than it’s supposed to at birth, it can even affect the height of the child.

3. Cephalopelvic disproportion

Shorter women have small pelvis which means that during birth, the baby’s head might be too large to pass through the birth canal. This condition is called Cephalopelvic disproportion as the baby is not in proportion with the pelvis of the mother.

4. Tissue damage

If the baby is too big for the birth canal and the labour goes on for too long then there are chances of tissue damage occurring in the area between the vagina and the rectum which might even result in bleeding. 

If you are a shorter woman, there is no need to be concerned about your pregnancy since height is just one of the many factors that affect it. With the right nutrition, exercise, and care, you’ll have a smooth and a happy pregnancy. 

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