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Shocking: This 3-Month-Old Baby Died Choking On Ragi Malt

One cannot stress the importance of parents being aware of what to feed and what to avoid feeding newborn babies. Their delicate and still-developing digestive system cannot digest foods that adults easily can.

In an incident that occurred in Bangalore on January 31st, ragi malt killed an innocent 3-year-old. The parents Manjunatha and Dhanalakshmi reside in Hosapalya village, Ramanagara district near Magadi and agriculture is their main source of income. There were blessed with a baby girl just 3 months ago. She was happy and healthy but the ignorance on the parents part about baby feeding habits cost her life.

They were apparently advised by their relatives to feed ragi malt to their baby to make her bones stronger. Following their advice without a second thought, they decided to do so. The baby spit out the ragi malt for a few times but eventually, it got stuck in her throat and she was unable to breathe.

The parents rushed her to Magadi taluk government hospital immediately but the baby was declared dead on arrival. They were grief-stricken and felt helpless. Hospital doctor Jnanaprakash said that the baby’s respiratory system was blocked when ragi malt got stuck in the throat. Some experts believe that it might have always happened due to aspiration which is when food particles enter the airway or the lungs.

This is the reason new parents are strictly warned against feeding anything other than breastmilk or formula fed milk for the first 6 months. Even cow’s milk is no good substitute during this period. Even when you start your baby on solid foods, it should be something that is not heavy on the little one’s tummy. Mashed carrot, mashed banana and veggie purees are great first foods.  

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