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Shocking: The Treatment of A Baby By This Babysitter Will Break Your Heart

Taking care of children is a more than one-person-task. It takes dedication, commitment and hard work. And taking help is more than a recommendation - most moms need help and they get it from different sources - their partner, their parents or in-laws, or close friends, depending on who is willing and able. Babysitters are also a great source of help to some moms, and the job they do is usually a great one.

Except in some cases. Would you expect your baby’s caretaker to be violent and abusive? I’m guessing not, because you take extreme care in picking a babysitter to begin with. No one is better at taking care of the baby than yourself, and so, you try to find a babysitter who can almost match up, right?

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Well, one mom in China had the shock of her life, when she found out that the babysitter she hired for her little one was secretly beating the child when she was not around. And we don’ t mean the traditional light tap on the hand that we use to get the child’s attention - this babysitter was shockingly and disturbingly violent.

Her behaviour came to light when she started to punch the baby in the elevator of a hotel after bidding goodbye to the mother. The baby began to cry as the mother waved goodbye, and once the doors shut, the babysitter began to cruelly punch the baby in the stomach to silence him. CCTV footage captured these actions, and the hotel guards showed the footage to the mother, who was shocked, surprised and immediately reported this to the police.

The nanny has been arrested and the agency that introduced her is to be questioned. The story was first published by The Sun.

It makes us reconsider hiring help when it comes to little children - after all, a child is their parent’s biggest priority! A parent just wants to know that their children are safe and well-cared for. This mother was also under the impression that her babysitter was the right fit, but unfortunately, she encountered a harsh truth.

Of course, not all babysitters are likely to do so, and this babysitter could be one among few such people to behave in such a manner. But at the same time, make sure to hire your babysitters with care. Don't let this deter you from asking for help, but use it as a guide to hire with care.

Disclaimer: News portals carried the footage from the elevator of the hotel, which contains upsetting content, therefore we advise viewers to refrain from watching it or watching it at their own discretion. Click here if you wish to view the footage.

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