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Shocking: A Newborn Baby Had To Get His Leg Amputated Because of a Careless Nurse

As your baby enters the new world, you feel like you need to do everything possible to make sure they get all the care they need. Newborns who are slightly premature need much extra care to ensure faster recovery to a healthier state. Read on to know how a nurse’s carelessness endangered this safety in a newborn boy.

Stepping into the world

Newborns are very sensitive regardless of when they arrived into the world. The ones who are premature need close and careful care. Right from food, baths, clothes, maternal care to medication - every step has to be very carefully measured. Even one mistake can cause a big enough danger for the little one. At such a guiding and important time for a premature baby, the professionals working around the little one need to be extremely wise and strong.

Horrifying experience on the fourth day!

In a China hospital, the mistake of a careless nurse led to an amputation of a newborn boy’s leg.

Ms. Yan’s grandson was housed at Xincai Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in Zhumadian. The event took place on December 14, 2017. Yet, it is only now that a China news channel called Henan Metropolitan News Channel has been able to release the information. The 36 weeks premature boy was in a sensitive condition. Thus, he was to continue neonatal incubation for a week to stabilize his health.

The nurse left a hair dryer on for 2 and a half hours, forgetting to turn it off, after she had bathed three babies. They were all being kept in the neonatal intensive care. She had left to do other tasks while the hair dryer was still left on. There was also another nursing staff working in the same room. All their actions were caught on CCTV presented by the news channel.

The nurses denied the knowledge of knowing whether the dryer was on - even when they are clearly seen working in the room. It is only much later when a doctor visits the neonatal intensive care to examine the babies are the burns noticed.

As Ms. Yan’s grandson was most affected, he was rushed to the Zhumadian 159 Hospital. Doctors had to opt for amputation to save the four day old baby. This was mainly because the burns were so bad that they needed to be treated immediately. He had been taken back to Xincai Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital for special monitoring.

The article in The Daily Mail mentions that there were two other newborns affected and have been treated well. Yet, their burns were not as serious as Ms. Yan’s grandson.

There has been some serious action taken against the nurse and her companion. The baby’s father was extremely angry and said: “If she had paid attention to the babies and quickly removed the hair dryer from them, he (my son) would have only suffered minor burns.” His grandmother added: “The baby has become disabled just four days after birth. What's his future going to be like?”

Further, Wan Yunfeng (the Deputy Director of the hospital) has also given out a public apology. A sum of 610,000 yuan (£71,000) had been given as compensation which was not accepted by the family. The case is still ongoing in it’s discussion between the family and the doctor.

What do you feel about the nurse’s actions? Comment and share with each other. 


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