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Shaving Pubic Hair During Pregnancy - Is It Safe For You?

Shaving pubic hair during pregnancy and before the delivery has always been a debatable topic. A number of hospitals advise the expected mothers to shave whereas the researchers are against it. You may be left confused whether or not to do it but you can make an informed judgement after weighing in all the pros and cons of it. We are here to answer the concerns related to the procedure.

Experts suggest that the pubic hair should not be shaved or waxed at least seven days before the delivery is scheduled. The main reason behind this is to avoid any infections that might occur due to the little cuts in your skin. There are some benefits of shaving pubic hair during pregnancy but they come along with some risks too. We will be discussing them both here.


1. Pubic hair is an ideal habitat for the infestation of the microbes. Thus, shaving it becomes necessary in order to keep the area clean and avoid infections.

2. The microbes that may thrive in your pubic hair can also transfer the infection to the baby. So, it also protects the baby from being infected.

3. A gynaecologist gets a better view during the inspection and makes it easier to use tools like forceps if needed to make an intervention, if the pubic hair is shaved.

4. Shaving or trimming of pubic hair reduces sweating and hence keeping it clean.

5. Clean, shaven pubic area is convenient to have as post-delivery bleeding may stick in the hair and make it difficult to wash.


1. You should always use disposable or sterilized tools for shaving. Otherwise, it may lead to infections if the proper hygiene is not maintained.

2. The regrowth of the hair causes itching sensation which can be really discomforting.

3. Improper shaving can lead to ingrown hair. The hair will start to grow under the skin which can cause bumps that are painful.

4. You might need someone else’s help because your belly can block your view to the pubic area.

How to shave or remove pubic hair during pregnancy?

Waxing is a better option for removing hair as it will be difficult for you to bend and shave with the growing belly. Get it done in a saloon by professionals so that it is done safely. You can also use hair removal creams if you have used them earlier and your skin is not sensitive towards them. They facilitate easy hair removal from the pubic area. Electric shavers can be used for quick and efficient shaving of the pubic hair throughout the pregnancy.

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