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Sex During Pregnancy: A Doctor’s Take

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1. Is sex safe during pregnancy?


Is sex really safe during pregnancy?

Why sex is safe during pregnancy?


Thick mucus plug seals the cervical opening. The amniotic fluid luxuriously cushions the fetus. Your womb is made up of the toughest of all muscles of the human body. Even if you want to, you cannot cause physical harm to pregnancy. Mother nature has designed and perfected over millennia the safest carrier system to house the fetus.

Normally sex is absolutely safe during pregnancy. .Only in certain cases, called as high risk pregnancies, your doctor will advise you to avoid sex. The doctor may even advise bed rest.

If the doctor has not diagnosed you as having high risk pregnancy, meaning if your pregnancy is normal, then sexual intercourse is safe until the time the baby wriggles and emerges in the world outside.

Procreation is a task that nature does not take lightly. In all mammals the foetus is well protected, entirely safe and secure in the womb. Even the most advanced technology cannot mimic or replicate such a safe nurturing environment outside the human body.

Endorphins (the happy hormones) released during love making have salutary role in pregnancy.


2. Contraindications to Sex during pregnancy


What is high risk pregnancy?


Please remember that 'high risk pregnancy' is not your assumption, but a medical label given by your Gynecologist. High risk pregnancy is a medical term, which means pregnancy is at risk due to conditions of the mother or the fetus.

Though this list is not exhaustive, below are some scenarios that are called high risk pregnancies.

1. If in the previous pregnancy you had complications while carrying.

2. If you have had miscarriage in the past

3. If you have conceived after fertility treatment then it is a precious pregnancy.

4. If you have had bleeding during pregnancy.

5. If you have had preeclampsia in the previous pregnancy or preeclampsia is diagnosed in your present pregnancy. (Preeclampsia is a medical term used when a pregnant woman has high blood pressure, proteins in urine and swelling (edema))

6. If you have had or are having gestational diabetes. (Gestational diabetes is diabetes that manifests only during pregnancy)

7. If you have twins or triplets.

8. If you have placenta praevia. (Placenta praevia is a condition in which the placenta that nourishes the fetus is at the bottom covering, partly or wholly, the opening of the uterus, the cervix)

9. Fetal anomalies have been diagnosed by ultrasound examination or suspected due to family history.

10. If you, the mother, has pre-existing medical conditions.


3. Safe Sexual Positions During Pregnancy

1. Woman on top position

This gives the flexibility of angle of inclination and the tempo of thrust.

2. Doggy style

Woman rests comfortably on all fours. The man enters from rear.

3. Side by side spooning

You lie on one side. The man lies next to you and enters from behind.

4. Edge of the bed.

You lie on your back towards the edge of the bed. He faces you in standing position and enters from front.

5. Bending forward

Woman bends forwards holding the bed. He enters from rear in standing position.


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