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Sex After Pregnancy: What’s It Really Like? 7 Couples Share Their Experience

Sex after pregnancy can be a scandalous affair. Couples await this moment eagerly.

So, what is sex like once you’ve had a baby? 7 Couples share what is was like:

1. Sex may just be the last thing you’re thinking about

“After an excruciating thirteen hours in the labour ward, sex was literally the last thing on my mind. Our visit to the doctor immediately after was actually quite thrilling for me when she told us we had to wait for a few weeks before having sex. I’m sure my husband wasn’t quite as thrilled but the doctor’s words held as a good enough excuse” says Tanya.

2. The first-time post baby may just remind you of the first time you ever had sex

“I remember being super careful and gentle with her the first time we did it after the baby, it reminded us of the first time we ever had sex” Karan laughs. “The pain was as bad as the first time too. Though it got better eventually.” exclaimed Neha.

3. Ease into it, don’t rush.

“Getting right into it felt awkward and so we decided on having a conversation first”, Meena smiles. “It really helped to engage in foreplay, it put her at ease”, Rahul confesses, “It aided in making it exciting”.

4. Be prepared for your breasts to be super sensitive

“My husband tried to turn me on by kissing me and then he began fondling my breasts, when I smacked his hand off. My boobs felt extremely sore and tender”, Anu said. Breastfeeding affects sex after the baby is born is several ways. Most women don’t want their breasts stimulated during sex or foreplay. Leaking is another concern, which is why most women to keep their bra on.

5. What if the baby can hear us?!

“I was distracted the whole time and wondered if my baby could hear us!” Avantika chuckles, “Irrational as it was, I worried if my baby would remember hearing or witnessing us, caught in the act!”.

6. Sensitivity in your sweet spot may be decreased

“It took a me a LOT longer than usual to come. Although I was as excited as my husband to finally get rid of this itch after going weeks without sex, it just didn’t do it for me”. Aditi exclaims. After a vaginal childbirth, decreased muscle tone in the vagina can be observed in some women which could lead to a decreased sensitivity. However, Kegel exercises can help tone the muscles down there and can be done a few weeks after delivery while sitting, driving or even breastfeeding.

7. A caesarean could affect your sex life too

“I thought that pain after pregnancy during sex was only reserved for those who had a vaginal childbirth. Boy was I wrong. It was a sharp, prickly sensation that made me despise sex, although once the pain faded the sex got better”, says Sanjana.Whether you have a vaginal birth or a C-section your body is going to take time to heal.

If you stick to the doctor’s advice and proceed with precaution, sex after pregnancy does not have to necessarily be a bad experience. So, consult your Gynaecologist regularly and make sure to report any unbearable pain you experience.

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