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Setting An Example For Your Little One

Every parent wants their kids to grow up into good human beings, loved and idealized by all and sundry. Just being academically or professionally successful does not make a person a gentleman or a role model. The character of a person is equally important. The upbringing of a child plays an instrumental role in shaping their character. It is no secret that almost all children consider their parents as superheroes and look up to them as role models. Thus, how a parent behaves in front of their kids can be a determining factor in shaping their character. Here are a few vital tips for parents to make a positive influence on their child's personality and overall character.

Keep negativity at bay: 

The overall environment of the home can affect the physical as well as the mental health of a child. Maintain positivity, happiness, and cheerfulness around the child. Refrain from physical violence, verbal abuse, fights and related depressing actions when the child is around.

Love your child but discipline them too:

It is natural for parents to love and pamper their children, but it is also important to know where to draw the line. Reprimand your kid when they do something wrong (such as pushing someone or shouting or getting angry when their demands are not met). The sooner you start disciplining the kid, the better it will be for them in the long run. Instill in your child the quality of being sorry for their mistakes or wrongdoings. You can lead from the front by being sorry yourself everytime you make a mistake. A small action on your part can make a big and positive difference in your child.

Love and compassion: 

On your child's birthday or any auspicious occasion, take your child to Old-Age Homes or Orphanages and distribute food, clothing or similar essential things. In addition to making the child more compassionate, this small gesture on your part will also make them realize how fortunate they are. They will start valuing things (be it relationships or materialistic things) more.

Follow a healthy sleep cycle: 

Expecting your child to sleep when you stay awake late at night may not be very effective. A healthy and exemplary practice would be to fix a time by which everyone should retire to bed. Every child loves to follow and imitates their parents, so this practice is sure to leave a positive impact on the child.

The same holds true for the dietary and food habits as well. Seeing their parents and the grown-ups eating hot, spicy, oily and fast foods, the child would automatically want to eat those tempting foods items rather than the simple healthy and nutritious foods. To influence your child's food preferences, make sure to prepare the same food for the whole family and enjoy the meal together (have at least one meal together).

Patience and the basic traffic rules: 

Honking unnecessarily at the signal will give your child a wrong impression that there is no harm in being impatient and unruly. If you want your child to be patient, you have to do so through examples. No matter how bad the traffic is, always be patient. Refrain from rash driving or talking over the phone while driving especially with the child around and observing you closely.

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