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Sehwag Has a Hilarious View on mother-in-laws!

 Sehwag's views on mom-in-laws

Mother-in-laws are a sensitive topic for many women. Now that you have entered a new family - relations will change and everyone will want to build special bond with each other. In the end - nobody is really perfect. Even the famous cricketer Sehwag has similar opinions about the stress that mother-in-laws create! Read on to find out what surprising views he has on mother-in-laws.

Sehwag's views on mom-in-lws

Hilariously Relatable!

Sehwag has been famous for posting a lot of his experiences after he married. This includes not only marriage and parenting advice - but also a lot of ways you have a relationship with your mother-in-law. There have been a large number of tips that Sehwag has dedicated to how one can deal with maintaining peace with your mother-in-law.

Recently, he posted a hilarious tweet on how a husband’s mother is a stressful topic with wifes. The tweet had a lot of questions to Sehwag asking whether it was from a personal experience. It was not only an opinion, but an extremely funny video that turns from a romantic moment to one of extreme anxiety! If you want to laugh your heart out even more watch the video: Virender Sehwag’s hilarious take on ‘when mother-in-law suddenly appears’ leaves Twitterati ROFL-ing.

Sehwag's views on mom-in-laws

Everyone Is a Family!

No matter how much one finds faults with mother-in-laws, they are an equally important part of your family and life now. Having a good equation with the mother-in-laws is important to keep peace and love in the whole family.

The levels of relations have changed. So, everyone will take time to get accustomed to it. While making harmless jokes is alright, communication is the key to a happy family, whether at home or in the new home. Even love has misunderstandings and fights. It is how you deal with it to keep happiness that is the key to a strong family.

Sehwag's views on mom-in-laws

Not all mother-in-laws are constant critiques, nosy, selfish, too needy or jealous. Many  mother-in-laws are misunderstood today. Many are also helpful, great teachers, hassle free, thankful, loving, accepting and supporting. So, how is your mother-in-law like? Comment and share with other moms! 

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