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The colossal benefits of breast milk for your baby are uncountable. Breast milk is much more than food for your baby as it is power packed with numerous benefits. Breast milk has a straightforward colour like a glass of red wine but it possesses subtleties in flavour that turns out like any great dish for your little one. It not only helps your baby in living a healthier life right now but also helps him develop a healthy appetite in the future. It’s like a private conversation between Mumma and the baby where your little angel tells you exactly what he needs. Breast milk is so incredibly dynamic that it tells your baby about the world its mother has lived in. But some moms have low milk supply which makes their baby thrive for their dose of power food. So if you're wondering how to increase milk supply then we are revealing the magic potion below.

The chain of demand and supply matters

Before you start wondering why your breasts don’t feel full or aren’t tightly regulated you need to understand that breast milk supply is all about the chain of demand and supply. The sucking reflex of your baby stimulates your breasts to produce more milk. So, instead of thinking that you can’t produce milk when your baby is hungry, get set go to nurse him and your worries will disappear in a go. Remember the more your baby nurses, the more milk your body will create.

Double feed

Many moms make the mistake of breastfeeding their baby from one side while the other side of the breast remains full. It’s important to switch your baby to the other side before he shows a red flag to the breastfeeding session. Keep switching back and forth until breasts are drained. You can take a break in between the session and then place him back for another feeding session at both breasts. By taking the break, gas bubbles are released into his stomach that allows more room for milk.

Ditch the pacifiers and bottles

Any time that your baby spends sucking on a bottle, it not only reduces his hunger by stimulating oral stimulation but also means that a good time loss on stimulating your milk production. It can sometimes seem difficult as your baby gets attached to you 24/7 but trust me it’s the best thing for your baby and your milk supply.

Stay relaxed and get enough sleep

Moms often have to be on the night’s watch as they wear the hat of motherhood but don’t forget that you’ll have a better milk letdown when you relax and stay calm. You can take small naps when your baby naps or hire a babysitter so that you are no more a night owl hampering your own health by getting surrounded by worries and tension. You can even seek assistance from your hubby in household activities and believe me this will do wonders in successfully nursing your baby.

Healthy eating counts

If you are a newly born mom you’ll have to watch your diet so that you eat right things at right time. The biggest secret to increasing the supply of breast milk is to drink lots of liquids and eat galactagogues like oatmeal, barley, millet, and quinoa. You can also try your hand at Brewer’s yeast, flaxseed and sesame seeds that are miracle ingredients to increase your milk supply. Remember you cannot keep up with the demand for nursing if you’re not eating well. For exclusive breastfeeding, have a balanced diet and it will definitely spike your milk production.

Healthy supplements

There are many supplements that can increase your milk supply drastically. Fenugreek is one of the most popular milk-making miracle supplement which causes a spike in milk production. Calcium and bentonite clay can also boost milk production and some of them work best in conjunction with fenugreek. Take these supplements in the morning and have full breasts whenever you nurse your baby.

During the initial stages of your child’s life, proper breastfeeding means the world to your baby. If you are worried about low breast milk supply then lock that up because you are going to have happy nursing now as you follow these tips and you are going to be a happily lactating 'Mum'!

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