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Secrets To Get Productive On Winter Mornings

Being a winter morning person is altogether a different ball game than being a morning person in summers. In the dark, gloomy mornings of winter, the last thing we want to do is to wake up to the cold floor, pitch black sky and no signs of warmer weather to come. Although we want to fight the “Winter blues” and be the cheetah who could accelerate 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, most of us end up being a lazy bear waking up from his hibernation period. So here are a few little changes that we can make in our morning routine and give a little morning motivation boost to being productive on chilly winter mornings.

A good night sleep:

Prioritise your sleep. Don’t use mobile or iPad or tablets before going to bed. Those could shoo away your precious sleep. Commit to getting at least 6 hours of sound sleep every night. Your commitment to good night’s sleep is your commitment to a productive morning.

Stop telling yourself: “I hate this”

If Tim Cook who wakes up at 3.45 every morning, had said “I hate this”, he wouldn’t have been as productive as he is now as the CEO of Apple. The more you say “you hate”, the more it sucks. Try saying something good to yourself as soon as you wake up. A word of appreciation or a thought of a great day ahead is enough to kick-start your day.

A King’s Breakfast:

Watch what you eat during winters. Comfort foods and sugary foods could make you sluggish and bloated.

With less exposure to sun rays during winter, you lack vitamin D which in turn affects the production of a happy hormone called serotonin. A king’s breakfast (with fruits, salads, milk) could offer required nutrients to your body and a boost to your brain.

Work on non-work-related goal:

Every morning when you wake up, put aside a few minutes for working on a non-work-related goal. It might be reading, exercising, a walk to park, learning a new language or any mindful activities such as meditation. During that activity, connect with the present moment and savour it. It gives a sense of calmness to start your day with.

Light up:

The darkness in the room is most of the times directly proportional to the adherence you have with the bed. If that is the case with you too, invest some amount in getting a sunrise alarm clock or illuminating alarm clock. It imitates the sunrise effect in the room and gradually lights up the room.

Keep your room warm:

The room being cold is one of the main reasons why you deny to get up early mornings in winter. Keep the room warm. Put on the heater as soon as you wake up. Or set an automatic on timing to the heater. This will protect you from the need of covering up with a blanket, cuddling your pillow and going to bed again.

Prepare a night before:

Mornings are usually full of hurry. There will be lots of work to accomplish as a saviour but very little time. You will be hunting high and low to get the things done. To save yourself from the burden of so much of chaos in the morning, try organizing the things the previous night. It would definitely be of some help and rescue you from dashing to your office in an unorganized manner.

Showering to the fullest:

Showering is an everyday task which can not only freshen you up physically but also helps your mind to wake up and get ready for the day ahead. No, we are not suggesting you spend lots of time and use loads of hot water. But instead, try listening to a song while you are having bath or get a shower gel you like whose scent could perk up your senses. It will leave you with a feeling of freshness.

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