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Secret To A Happier Life: Learn To Say “NO”

Do you ever feel like you are being expected to do more than you are capable of? Gladly agreeing to help your spouse and kids to achieve everything they need in order to function but having no time at all when it comes to your own needs - does this sound like you?

If so, then you have come to the right place. Not taking enough time for yourself is going to make you stressed out and tired. This can, in turn, make you develop unhealthy eating habits. Also, being weak and tired will leave you feeling less motivated to get up and exercise. So if you aren’t going to eat or exercise properly, how on Earth will you attain your new year resolution to lose 'X' amount of weight and look as fantastic as you can?

The first step toward making more time to look after yourself is to know when to say no and to say it often. Here are a few scenarios where you can and should say no:

1. Skipping breakfast for everyone else

The morning hours can get really hectic for everyone in the house. You need to get the kids ready to catch their early morning bus to school. The husband needs to grab his cup of coffee brewed to perfection served along with his piping hot breakfast. But making the morning perfectly organised for everyone else means that you end up skipping your own breakfast. So the mornings are when you can start practising the art of saying no. Your husband can prepare his own cup of coffee. Kids can take bath and get ready on their own.

2. Helping the kids with EVERYTHING

Once the kids turn 3, they are capable of doing a couple of things on their own. They would be able to get dressed on their own - you may just have to pick out their clothes for them. Once they are a bit older, they would be able to pick their clothes out too. Same goes for bathing and cleaning their rooms. Training them by asking them to help you clean the room every day will help them learn how to do it properly and make it a habit.

3. When you’re sick on a working day

There are days when you fall sick to the point that you would not be able to move let alone go to work. Yet, despite your health conditions, you still push yourself to travel and go all the way to office when you could have been taking rest at home. No more of this either - you need to take care of your health.

4. Having late dinners

Getting caught up with work can mean not being able to have dinner before 9 pm. We all know how it is unhealthy to have dinner late at night. So, time to start saying no to late night work. If you have been carrying work back home, stop. It can wait till the morning. You shouldn’t have to pick up the clothes that your husband leaves on the floor. He is perfectly capable of picking them up and placing them correctly.

5. Sex during the late hours

After a long day at work and even more work after getting home, all you want to do is hit the sack. But right when you are about to doze off is when your husband decides to get in the mood. Nope. This is not going to happen anymore. If he really wants to “do it”, he should try before midnight.

6. Pressurizing myself to be perfect

For some reason, you are always beating yourself to be perfect. You show up 10 minutes late to office even after leaving early, rushing through traffic, and running up the stairs. The homemade cake you baked isn’t as soft as you had wanted it to be. If all these little things make you feel agitated, it is time for you to cut yourself some slack. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. We all have days when nothing seems to go according to plan. Know that it is alright to let a few things slide every once in a while.

7. No time to talk to the hubby

Have you ever cut short a call from the hubby because you are at work? You could have easily taken a few minutes to talk to him before returning to work but you did not. Missing out on those few minutes of bonding can come at a cost. So try to spare some time to talk to him.

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