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Looking gorgeous and young as always, ‘material girl’ hit maker, Madonna, graced the stage with her presence. However, when the 59-year-old bared one of her boobs on the stage, it revealed the pitiful reality for women across the globe-saggy boobs that have lost density and their pertness with age. Saggy boobs, which is a global concern, remains a largely ignored matter. Yet it remains a sad reality which affects almost all girls at some point in their womanhood.

Every woman has the right to a pair of great, bouncy breasts.

Causes of saggy boobs

 This remains a highly misinterpreted and widely debated topic but has not come to any formidable conclusion yet.

1. Gravity, Gravity, Gravity: Gravity is the biggest villain for many women’s distress. No other part of the beautiful woman body is as highly affected by gravity as boobs. Every woman faces the back-breaking fight of defying the downward pull.

2. Ageing, the second villain: The ligaments in women’s boobs stretch with age and lose their elasticity. Breast fullness eludes one when this happens. During menopause this change becomes noticeable.

3. Smoking: Yes you should have listened to those anti-smoking campaigners. Elastin fibres are responsible for keeping the skin flexible. Carcinogen in cigarettes breaks those elastin fibres *tishhhh*.

4. Sunburn: Ultraviolet rays doing what they do best.

5. Weight fluctuations: You are keeping your weight in check aren’t you? No? uh oh.

Breaking the myths

Although the reasons for saggy boobs are quite simple and obvious, most women are still not aware of them. Also, there are some myths about saggy boobs. These myths have lead to certain deteriorate, that control the general woman psyche and are a reason why the bigger problems are never really addressed. The biggest of those misconceptions is breasting feeding causes boobs to sag. LIKE WHAAAATT?? Your boobs love the feeling of feeding a baby (and so do you, woman). Boobs are designed to feed a baby and it’s just normal for them. According to an American study, in which 132 women seeking breast upliftment took part, just more than half had breastfed a baby over nine months. No research has found a genuine correlation between breastfeeding and breast sagging. “My baby deserved better” *sigh*. However, the expansion and contractions of milk glands during pregnancy could trigger the sagging. However, this is not a major reason for sagging of boobs.

The best part: boobs sagging can be prevented.


Well, first of all, obviously, by exercising. Exercise, but keep the bounce in check. Weight training and upper body exercises like push ups strengthen the muscles that support your boobs. Do not forget to wear a sports bra with proper support during exercising, the bounce can worsen the sagging. Also, exercising will help you keep your weight in check, your body functioning well, your confidence high, enhance your curves, keep the butt out, I can go on and on…

#2. Stop smoking, like obviously, I don’t even have to tell you why.

In spite of everything said, it’s important to remember that impressing men should not be the reason to loathe your boobs. Boobs are designed to feed babies not men. Although saggy boobs are a major problem, inability to accept your body should never be the reason why you don’t want them. No matter how socially unacceptable your boobs are, despising them will never help you and will only harm your self-confidence. Desire better boobs, not because your guy will not like you otherwise, but because you want them and you feel good with better boobs.

Also, men and society, in general, must help women overcome the problem of saggy boobs, but above that, we must help women over the social stigma attached to discussing and spreading awareness about genitals. Instead of making a person uncomfortable while discussing their boobs, we must encourage such discussions. Remember, saggy boobs matter.

After all, a pair of firm bouncy boobs did no one any harm.

Oh, Women!

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