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Sania Mirza’s Pregnancy Glow is The Talk on Twitter


Pregnancy has continued to be the most exciting and special moment in any woman’s life. Right from the first test, ultrasound or kick to all the cravings and tiredness - nothing can stop the loving glow a woman feels for her little one. Read on to find out how Sania Mirza took to twitter showing off that lovely pregnancy glow.

A sensitively amazing time

9 months is a very long time for mothers to carry their little ones. In that time, there is a multitude of feelings they go through. White there are the pains and tears - most importantly they feel a great sense of love and protection for their child. Sania Mirza is one of the many mothers who is determined to do that for the well-being of her future little one.

Tweeting her excitement

In a Times Now article, 31 year old actress Sania Mirza posted the most beautiful tweet that showed her amazing pregnancy glow. Married to Shoaib Malik, Sania announced about her expecting in the month of April this year. She got the good news while celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary.

Sania is not only a global sensation but a very excited soon-to-be mother. She has continued to have a media journal of her life’s journey for her fans. Right now she has decided to stay in Hyderabad, taking a break from sports. She took to Twitter recently to share with her fans about her happiness and excitement of the coming new addition to the family. 

Here are two of the most heartwarming tweets that will make you feel close to your own little children!

Courtesy: Twitter

Courtesy: Twitter

Sania has continued to have the ultimate perfection in her game and style quotient as a model. In an interview with Times Now, Sania says that pregnancy is an empowering feeling, keeping women strong in their own skin. The article also adds onto to how she has been a big inspiration like other celeb moms.

Much like any mother, Sania feels pregnancy is a part of her identity. Her family is her first priority always, but at the same time that should not stop you from continuing to pursue your dreams. According to Sania, we do not lose our strength or talent just because we were pregnant. Sania strongly feels that as a soon-to-be mother, this is an important example for her little one to learn.

What are your expectations white you are pregnant? Are you feeling the lovely glow? Or do you have any past stories to share about your pregnancy? Comment and share down below! 

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