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Sacrifices Every Mom Makes During Her Pregnancy

No doubt bringing a baby into the world has its immense joys, it also comes with 9 months of hard work. A pregnant woman has to deal with an immense amount of change happening to her body while also experiencing the joy of a tiny human growing inside her. Although the idea of pregnancy can be painted in rosy hues it does have immense trauma that comes with it.

Here are a few sacrifices made by a mother during the due course of her pregnancy -

1. Sleepless nights

During pregnancy, you tend to lose out on a ton of sleep despite needing the rest. Your body is going through immense changes and it can be quite a discomfort to sleep through. As you reach your final trimester your body is double the size of what you were, which makes you heavier. Joint aches will become a common entity and this, in turn, reduces your chances of sound sleep.

2. No more stilettos

You will have to put all your stunning heels on hold until the baby is born. Stilettos will lead to severe backaches aggravating the already existing one. Instead of causing anymore inconvenience towards your already ailing body it makes sense to let go of this guilty pleasures. Pregnant women usually prefer to wear flat, skid-proof slippers.

3. Avoiding food items

If you are a foodie here is bad news for you. There will be a number of food items that you will have to give up, in order for your child to gain complete development inside you. Since your child is directly dependant on you for food supply, you will have to decide what is healthy for you on the advice of your doctor. Alcohol, Caffeine, certain deli meat, certain kinds of cheese, processed food of any sorts should be strictly avoided.

4. No more gym

You will have to quite the gym once you get pregnant. The exercises that you do in the gym can cause disastrous impacts on your child. You can resort to a minimal workout session at home, but you will have to stay away from the heavy gym equipment.

5. The discomfort of all sorts 

Since your body is going through such a tremendous change you are bound to encounter discomfort of all sorts. They can come in the form of a sudden burst of intense pain, kicking and constant movement within the stomach. Most of these discomforts continue post-pregnancy too, you will have to be patient and enduring to embrace all these discomforts in the joy of giving birth to a baby.

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