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Road trips are always fun. But when traveling with a baby, the hassles can be numerous. We here are giving you some survival strategies, entertainment ideas, and practical advice to help you plan a great and memorable road trip with your baby.


Pack a small bag that has the clothes for the next day and an extra pair of clothing (if the baby spills and ruins his or her clothes), PJs, and other essentials that you may need for that day and night. This is much easier than opening that big suitcase for every little thing you need.

If you are making an overnight stay in your journey, try to keep your baby’s pillow and blanket, if there is enough space. Babies feel comfortable and at home in their own stuff, especially at a strange place like a hotel or a relative’s home.

In the car, babies will drop, spill and spit up, if they are given anything to eat or drink. For that reason, you must keep a pack of paper towels and wipes in the front seat and also keep a garbage bag handy.

The Ride:

Bring something to eat. Eating gives you something to do. When babies start getting restless, hand over some snacks to them so they get busy munching on them. This will also keep the baby fed and they will not get all cranky due to hunger. But keep baby’s health in mind and pack only healthy stuff.

Load some of your baby’s favorite track onto your media player or take along some of children CDs. New CDs or DVDs that they have not yet seen can be a bonus for them. Babies are often troubled by headphones, so make sure that they are comfortable and carry an extra pair of headphones too.

Get in the backseat with the baby and play some tickling games or chat with them and make face to face contact. These go a long way in distracting a cranky or bored baby.

There will come a point where no amount of playing, singing, pacifying or distracting is going to help in stopping the baby from crying. If you have made sure that your child is not wet or hungry, then be a little hard-hearted and let them cry. They will get tired and eventually fall asleep.

Making Stops:

Take some margin on time and build in extra time. This is because you will inevitably have to stop for feeding the baby, or changing their diapers, or just for stretching breaks. These activities take up a lot of time and you cannot do anything about it. You will be far less stressed if you have kept these breaks in mind and planned your trip accordingly. 

Stop often and let your child out of the car and roam around freely for a few minutes. You may get late in reaching your destination due to this, but the more time your child spends outside the car, the more bearable becomes the time inside the car.

Be aware that you will need to stop again after about half an hour of your lunch break because your baby would need a bathroom break.

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