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Remove Upper Lip Hair With These Natural Ideas

Facial hair is prevalent in about 5 to 10% of women in India. This occurrence of facial hair is predominant in women of childbearing age. Besides, women with upper lip hair have a tough time being comfortable around the disapproving crowd. Well, all of us should first stop feeling insecure about these things. There’s always a solution if you are not able to cope with it.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

That unwanted hair above your lips is a result of genetic or hormonal issues. In some cases, it’s mostly due to some underlying health condition. Chemical treatments and laser therapies are expensive and come with a lot of adverse effects. It’s advisable to stop using creams, shaving creams, razors, and other chemicals on your face as there are many natural options that have no side effect.

These natural remedies are completely safe for your skin and available in your kitchen cabinet. Look no further, and try these right away for effective results.

1. Honey

Instead of using commercial wax, make your own homemade wax that’ll remove the unwanted hair from your upper lip.

How To Use:

- Take about 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a small vessel.

- Heat it for a few minutes, until the sugar dissolves completely

- Squeeze a lemon into this mixture after it’s heated.

- Allow this mixture to cool so it doesn’t burn your skin.

- Now apply the mixture on the upper lip where there is excess hair growth

- Cut a waxing strip to appropriate length or use piece of cotton cloth to press it down

- Pull this strip against the direction of the hair growth

- Wipe with a moist cloth or cold water and pat dry

2. Turmeric

Turmeric, a natural ingredient in all the Indian kitchens, is a natural bleach in itself. 

Here’s how you use it to lighten the dark upper lip hair:

- Mix 1 tablespoon turmeric and some milk in a bowl to form a fine paste.

- Apply this paste on your upper lip and leave it for about 15 minutes.

- Once it’s dry, rub it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

- Now wash off with cold water

3. Papaya

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which helps break the hair follicles and prevents the hair from growing back.

- Take chunks of fresh papaya fruit in a bowl

- Add some turmeric to it and make this a fine mixture

- Apply this mixture on the upper lip and let it dry for about 15 minutes

- Once dried, wash off with warm water and pat dry

4. Egg white

Egg white pastes can be smelly, but if you want effective results this is a must try. Egg white is very sticky and this helps the binding to the hair a lot easier. It also improves your hair and skin texture as it is loaded with proteins and collagen.

- Beat an egg, and make sure you collect the white part of it that’ll come out first

- Add some cornstarch to this and make it a fine mixture

- Apply this on your upper lip, and let it dry

- This paste will become a thick mask when it’s dry

- You have to grab it and rip it off in the opposite direction of your hair growth

Being overweight, dark-skinned, or hairy are leading to image issues and insecurities. Having facial hair is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s how your body functions and, most importantly, it’s a part of you. There are many ways to deal with these things, and there is no need to be disheartened. 

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