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Delivering a baby is called “Labor” for a reason. It takes a major toll on the mother’s body. Whether the delivery was an easy one or complicated, whether you pushed for a few minutes or a few hours, whether you have an episiotomy or just a swollen vulva, here are a few postpartum recovery tips which come in handy for you:

1. Stock up the freebies: 

Grab all the available freebies such as hospital pads and mesh panties from your postpartum recovery room before you check out of the hospital. They are better than anything you could get in stores.

2. Ice for swelling: 

Your vagina, your rectum and in fact, everything down there will be swollen. The most effective way to get relief from this in first 24 hours after delivery is putting ice on the swollen areas. Either you sit on ice or tuck it in your undies, just make sure there is a layer of fabric between your sensitive skin and ice packs and you don’t expose your skin to the ice for more than 15 minutes at a time.

3.Sitz bath: 

After the first 24 hours of delivery, the option that comes handy to reduce swelling is Sitz bath. Though your body is designed to deliver another human life, it would still hurt down there after delivery. Either you had an episiotomy or not, you would need to to keep the area clean to avoid infection and to ease the swelling. While you are suffering even when your clothes touch the area, Sitz bath would definitely be your liberator. Sitting in a tub of a few inches of tepid water for about 20 minutes, 3-4 times a day would soothe those ouch bits below.

4.Witch hazel pad: 

One of the best reliefs from uncomfortable haemorrhoids and the soreness in the area between your vagina and rectum is using witch hazel pads. It is a herbal remedy made of tannins and oils that reduce inflammation.

5.Kegel exercise: 

After delivering the baby, it is normal to struggle with bladder control. If you have practised kegel exercise during pregnancy or not, it is best to practice now. It helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles and maintains urinary continence and function of the anal sphincter. It also helps in enhancing sexual pleasure by increasing vaginal muscle tone.


 “Take rest” is the easiest advice not to follow. Becoming a mom is difficult and if you are a first-time mom, it could be daunting. Taking care of your newborn baby and the sleepless nights that come along with it could be overwhelming. But your body too needs some rest. Sleep when your baby sleeps and Make sure you offer your body what it deserves after all the hard work it has done.

7.Don’t be scared to poop: 

For your digestive system to get back to normal, it might take a couple of days as the blood from your digestive system is diverted during labor. But when your body is ready, don’t be scared to poop. You will be sore and to be sitting on the toilet could make pelvic floor painful. Try hovering over the seat or lean to one side and find a comfortable position. The good news is the first bowel movement doesn’t hurt as much as you think.

8.Don’t strain: 

It’s important to have a regular bowel movement. But pushing or straining could hurt your already sore bottom. Instead, keep your body well hydrated. Drink lots of fluids, eat fibre-rich foods and take stool softeners if required.

9.Medicated pads to wipe:

Witch hazel which is an active ingredient in haemorrhoids pads has also been approved for their use in vaginal tissues. Use these to wipe every time you go to the bathroom for those first few weeks to soothe and cool your lady parts.

10.Eat healthily: 

Your body needs a boost post-delivery to get back to normal and to get going. Follow lots of protein and fibre-rich diet. It will help your body in faster and better healing process. Also, consume plenty of water to keep your body well-hydrated.

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