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In a world that’s so tough, adoption is one act of selflessness that can save the lives of kids who, for whatever reason, aren’t blessed with a family. Every child in an adoption centre wakes up from dreaming of being part of a family someday. They have no grand demands, just your love, and a family. As a society, we must be kinder to such children, for whom tragedy has struck at an early age. 

‘Adoption’ for many years was considered to be a ‘taboo’, but change is happening, slowly. Many couples are choosing to adopt children, so that they can give them a chance of happiness and make a social impact for the better.

Human beings use reasoning to make decisions. Your decisions are made when you know there’s enough reasons to carry them out. So here’s some reasons why you should consider looking at the option to adopt:

1. You will be gifting the child a new life and answering their prayers

The prayers of a child are sincere prayers. There’s no malice, no contempt, no hidden motive behind them; just pure sincerity. An orphan dreams of being part of a family. By choosing to adopt you give them exactly what it is that they have been wanting for years - a new life, and good role models like you to look up to and learn from. However, it doesn’t end there. Once you adopt a child, it’s important for you to integrate the child well into your family. In this phase, acceptance is key. You have to learn to accept the child for who he/she is, because the child is also trying to accept you for who you are.

2. If you are have a genetic disorder that could be passed on to your baby

Many women suffer from certain serious genetic disorders and thus, they are in a dilemma about motherhood. That need not be the case. You can still be a mother. Adoption is a great option for you, because you don’t have to worry about your child having the same problems. However, adopt with willingness and not resentment. The adopted child should not feel unwanted or like you love them any less.

3. The increasing world population

Overpopulation is not just a word, it is a real predicament that the world is facing. Some people believe strongly in this sentiment and choose to adopt rather than give birth, even when they are in a situation that allows them to have a baby. This is an extremely humanitarian reason, but it’s a reason that promotes adoption nonetheless.

In India, there are close to 20 million orphans who may or may not find a family. Adoption is a two-way street. A child brings great happiness to a family. And the child too depends on the family for happiness. Remember to consider options like this. One day, they can change the world.

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