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Reasons Why You Should Write A Journal

Reasons Why You Should Maintain A Journal

Ever felt like you aren’t able to reach your full potential? Everything in your life seems to be going smoothly, spare a few odd incidents. Yet you feel like things could be improved. Your day could have been better somehow. Whether it is that you hope to become more efficient or that you want to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again, there is one habit that could be the solution to all of these things - a diary.

You may have tried keeping a diary or a journal at some point in your life - most likely you would have tried this in your childhood, but never managed to keep up the habit. Maintaining a diary has a whole lot of benefits. Here are a couple of life-changing benefits of keeping a diary:

1. Your all-new best friend

Talking to a friend or a relative about your problems simply isn’t as satisfying as writing in a diary. The diary will never pass judgement or give unnecessary suggestions about your life, no matter how concerned they may be. You can pour out all of your problems on to your paper friend and feel relieved in just a few minutes.

2. A therapeutic experience

Reasons Why You Should Write A Diary

You don’t have to pay thousands of rupees to your psychologist to get therapy. You just have to invest maybe INR 100 to buy yourself a nice looking diary to write in. If you’re not very particular about the looks, even a regular 20 rupee notebook would do. Write down your thoughts - anything that might be bothering you or running through the back of your mind. Sometimes, all we need is to open up about our feelings to somebody but we may not find the time to talk to them, or perhaps it is too difficult to open up about it. This is when you can reach out to your best friend/therapist/diary to vent.

3. Keep track of your life

Do you ever find that you want to remember a certain story or incident for the rest of your life? Or perhaps you want to recall something that happened but don’t remember all the details. This is when keeping a diary will come in handy. Write down all the important things that happened during your day - even small things that you think are important. Perhaps your friend told you about a particular perfume she likes - you could buy her this for her birthday.

4. Learn more about yourself

Reasons Why You Should Keep A Diary

You may be wondering why you would want to learn more about yourself - you are you after all. But if you have ever had friends who know you better than you know yourself, you would understand this. You will never be able to fully understand your thoughts and actions unless you write them down and analyse them. You can read up on the events that happened and what you did to assess what kind of a person you are. This way, you could even find areas about yourself that you can improve on.

5. It’s your own personal space

Nobody is allowed to read your diary - it is your own personal space. This means you can be as silly as you please and make all the funny jokes you would not say out loud. Unleash your true self and write to your heart’s content.

Added bonus:

Reasons Why You Should Keep A Journal

There is no rule as to what you write in it. If you want to maintain a diary to keep track of your groceries, go for it. If you want to make a planner to navigate your day's events rather than to navigate your thoughts, do that. You can keep a diary just to write down the dreams you have had while they are fresh in your mind. You could even maintain all of these diaries separately to make your life more organised.

There is no rule as to how to write or how much to write either. You could write everything down in bullet points, you could write a page long essay or even a couple of pages to summarise the events of each week. As long as you are writing, you are doing good.

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