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Real Life Stories of Moms Who Used Surrogates

At times, parents have to take into consideration unconventional methods to have a baby. This is since conventional methods may not work, even after years of trying. Couples are quite apprehensive about unconventional methods of having a baby - some quite rightly so.

If the problem is not so severe, doctors advise in-vitro fertilization. If the uterus is not efficient enough and parents still want the child to be genetically related to them, parents can go for surrogacy. Surrogacy has its own legal implications - but it is worth it in its own way.

Surrogacy is not just about the new baby that will come into your life. It is also about the woman who will actually carry your baby for the duration of almost 9 months. This is a long period of time and can be extremely overwhelming for all the parties involved.

Here are a few real life stories of mothers who opted for surrogacy:

Alex Kuczynski

Alex recounts how she remembered the technician performing the sonography, showing her the picture of her healthy baby in the womb at 31 weeks. However, she discloses that she did not give birth to the baby. The baby may have been hers and her husband’s - but the womb was someone else’s. After almost half a decade of failed attempts at trying to have a baby, Alex and her husband wrote to a lawyer who specialized in surrogacy cases. In July 2007, the fertilized eggs were planted into their surrogate’s uterus. In May 2008, Alex and her husband were holding their baby boy of 3 weeks in their arms

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The famous Kim K from Keeping Up with the Kardashians and her husband Kanye West welcomed a baby girl, this year on the 15th of Jan. Kanye and Kim later mentioned in an interview how grateful they were to their surrogate for having given them the gift of life. They named their daughter Chicago West.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks admitted to having tried IVF to have a child with her partner Erik Alsa. After many failed attempts, however, the couple went for surrogacy and welcomed a baby boy in January, 2016. She mentions how the baby had her hands and eyes with his father’s mouth and chin. Banks prays that everyone can survive such crucial milestones in their life and achieve what they want.

Jimmy Fallon

American actor, comedian, television host, producer and writer mentioned in a heartfelt interview how he and his wife had tried to have a baby for about 5 years. After meeting with no success, they decided to go for surrogacy. After opting for surrogacy, Fallon and his wife welcomed two baby daughters - Winnie and Frances.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

This same sex couple recounts how they had to go through a ‘hilarious’ process of sifting through the profiles of an egg donor in order to go ahead with surrogacy. The couple have adorable twins - Gideon Scott and Harper Grace. 

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