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Real Life Birthing Experiences - As Told By Moms

Have you ever heard stories from your mom about how she went through your or your sibling’s pregnancy? Most of us get to hear these stories while growing up and they sound quite fascinating. Pregnant women read up a lot about pregnancy, diet, babies, delivery and numerous other topics. They scan every other article and book; almost to the extent where they could write their own book. 

This being said, how many pregnant women read about actual experiences? It is a bonus if someone has recently had a baby in the family; you get insightful stories and experiences from them. Here are a few other real-life birthing experiences:

Waters breaking at Burger King

Catie LaGrasta’s mother’s water broke when she was at a burger king. In order to cover up the mess and the wetness on the seat, she threw down her glass of coke! Seems like baby Catie just wanted to taste a burger.

Doctors and Teachers

Jen Kulak’s OB on the call asked her, mid-labour if she taught neuroanatomy at a local medical school. She answered with a yes. Imagine having one of your ex-students – who went on to become a medical intern - helping with your delivery. Fascinating, is it not? Not so fascinating if you couldn’t remember if that student had passed the class or failed it. Oops.

Legendary stories among the nurses

Rachel Mabey narrates a story she heard from her mother. When Rachel’s mother was pregnant with her, her water broke and all of it splashed onto the wall, almost hitting the doctor. A couple of years later, when she was pregnant with Rachel’s younger brother, her water exploded all over the floor in the waiting room. The nurse told her,”Don’t worry, there was a woman whose fluids ended up all over the wall” to which Rachel’s mother replied – “Yeah that was me”. Apparently, over the years, Rachel’s mum had become quite a legendary story amongst the nurses there.

Wipe your face or be a good sister.

Meghan was holding up one of her sister’s leg as she (Meghan’s sister) was pushing. Her sister had an epidural and couldn’t feel a thing. As her niece’s head popped out, Meghan got splattered in the face with juices. She had a big decision to make. Drop her sister’s leg and wipe her face or be a good sister and hold up her leg as the rest of the baby came out. She chose to be a good sister.

Screaming too much, are we?

Lorin recalls screaming so much that a nurse came to her mid-delivery and told her that she was scaring the other mothers who hadn’t yet come so far along as her. Lorin didn’t care and kept screaming till she got her shot.

My Vagina feels drunk

Erin Ann remembers asking for an epidural after a few hours of painful contractions. After they gave it to her she started feeling loopy because she was pain-free after so long. After a little while, the anesthesiologist asked her how she felt and she said: “My vagina feels drunk”. The poor anesthesiologist had to keep a straight face until he could turn around and laugh out loud.


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