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Ragi a.k.a finger millet or Nachni is super nutritious and is a rich source of protein, calcium, and iron. But the question is if ragi is safe to be consumed by babies? And the answer is why, yes it is. It is absolutely safe to be given to babies once you start weaning (usually after the first 6 months). It is gluten-free, low in fat, highly digestible and easily absorbable. 

But how do you prepare it before feeding it to your child? Ragi porridge is a popular choice among moms and here’s how you can prepare it:

1. Take a few ragi seeds and wash them thoroughly before sun-drying (You can also use ragi powders that are readily available in the market but make sure to go for ones that chemical-free and organic).

2. Soak a few of these dried ragi seeds in water overnight (quantity varies but 1 tablespoon full would be enough for a baby that hasn’t turn 1 yet).

3. Drain out the excess water and allow the seeds to dry.

4. Grind the seeds well by using a little water.

5. Use a strainer and extract only the thin paste or the juice-like substance.

6. Boil this using water (quantity depends on the type of consistency you need). Keep in mind to boil it thoroughly as partly or uncooked ragi can cause constipation in babies.

7. Once it thickens, it means that it’s cooked properly. Also, remember to keep stirring to avoid the porridge getting burnt.

8. Although it’s cooked, your baby will probably spit it out if you feed what you obtain at this stage because of its bland stage.

9. Add shredded jaggery (not too much though) or a little sugar to give it some taste.

9. Voila, now it’s ready to be served to your little one.

Ragi is often used as the first foods for babies when they start weaning because it prevents malnutrition and provides your baby with adequate energy. It improves the production of blood and also prevents calcium and iron deficiencies.  


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