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Quick Health Tips Every New Mom Must Know

As a new mom, you need all the energy you can get to look after your little one but newborns demand a lot of attention and care from their moms leaving said-moms with barely any time to look after themselves. What some mothers forget is that the key to keeping your baby happy and healthy is to keep yourself happy and healthy.

So apart from keeping your baby alive by making sure they don’t fall off the bed while you answer the phone - you also need to take a chill pill. You need to focus on getting your health back on track and do everything you need to do to keep yourself happy. Make sure you are always talking to someone about what is going on in your head because it is not uncommon for new moms to face postpartum depression. Vocalizing your thoughts and feelings will help.

If you fall sick, you won’t be able to function properly and you will not be able to look after your little one. You can always take help from your friends and loved ones but your baby still needs mama. So make sure you look after yourself and avoid falling ill.

Here are a few other ways you can look after yourself as a new busy mom:

1. Laugh it off

You know the saying - laughter is the best medicine. If you kept your husband’s socks in the fridge and the groceries in your husband’s sock drawer, just laugh it off. All that lack of sleep is causing you to mess up. It’s not your fault. Take a break from life, accept the fact that you are only human and laugh it off.

2. Wear socks!

Before you run off thinking this point makes no sense, give it a try. Life is so much better when you wear socks. Also, there is a science that wearing socks helps you breathe better and protects you from falling sick.

3. Maintain good hygiene habits

Make sure to keep up your hygiene habits and scrub your hands after every diaper change. Using a sanitizer can dry your hands out so avoid using it unless you don’t have any handwash within reach.

4. Nap times are your break time

Newborn babies are going to be asleep only for a short while but they will take several of these short naps throughout the day. You can make the most of it by either napping with them, squeezing in some quick exercises, or prepping some nice and healthy snacks for yourself. Make sure you get enough sleep every day by sleeping in the same room that your baby takes naps.

5. Eat well

The only way you are going to get enough energy to look after your munchkin and get things done at the same time is if you eat all your vegetables. You can either add a whole lot of veggies to your curries, as a pasta or you could eat them raw, as a salad. It doesn’t matter how you eat them as long as you do eat those healthy foods.

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