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Being a working mom is never easy. While you are trying to balance your life at a personal level and professional level, the constant worry about your child’s safety, security and happiness might antagonize you. In such situations, daycare or preschool appears as a knight in shining armour.

Daycares or preschools not only provide a safe environment to stay at while you are at the office but also a bedrock foundation for a brighter future.

Here is how an early childhood education could be of importance and how to select the best daycare which could offer the best early childhood education.

Table of Contents

‣ Importance of Early Childhood Education

‣ How To Pick A Daycare?

‣ Best Daycare In Aundh

‣ Conclusion

Importance Of Early Childhood Education:

Daycares and preschools provide a safe and nurturing environment that every child deserves and facilitates the parents with a peace of mind knowing that their kids are in safer hands. Early childhood education activates the child’s natural desire to learn by providing consistent routines and unlimited learning opportunities to the children.

During the early years of childhood, children undergo critical stages of development. A consistent, apt, high-quality care could have long-lasting, positive effects on the overall personality development of the children.

Social and Emotional Development

An appropriate childcare facility or preschool could help the children in developing relationships with people around them and it could foster confidence and competency in children. It could also encourage the children to take part in various learning opportunities and in advanced cooperative plays such as role-playing, team working, etc. The children who have experienced early childcare also demonstrate less aggressive behaviours.

Cognitive Development

Childcare facilities or preschools with appropriate curriculum could offer aid children in developing cognitive skills at an appropriate age. For example, showing a keen interest in stories that are being read aloud during infancy, recognizing and identifying the colours in the preschool and creating words by writing down the alphabets in kindergarten.

Language Development 

The age range between two and five is a period at which language development occurs rapidly in children. Children who feel secure in the environment around them are more likely to engage in frequent conversations. This kind of daily interaction could lead to the faster development of advanced language skills. It also helps in improving vocabulary and conversational skills.

Early childhood education is critical for the bright future of the children as it sets up a strong basic foundation. While offering safety, security, and an apt environment for the child to develop their learning skills, it also allows moms to go back to work without any worries.

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How to Pick a Daycare?

Choosing a daycare would stir a plethora of emotions in any parent. Because you are leaving the most important tiny person in the hands of a stranger and you need to ensure that the stranger is worth the responsibility. So, pick the right daycare. The process of choosing the right daycare involves asking lots of questions and being observant. Here are a few tips which you might want to consider while finalizing on the daycare for your child.


Daycares and preschools have come a long way - from the traditional daycares to modern daycares with incredible facilities. Whatever type of childcare centre it is, ensure they have facilities that incorporate learning, exploration and play in your children while providing the education, fun and safe environment, all at the same time.

Professionalism and Communication 

A child deserves to receive appropriate care. It could be relaxing for the parents to be assured that their child is well-taken care of. So, make sure that you would be informed about your child’s activities throughout the day.

Location of the Childcare Centre 

A convenient childcare centre would be of great help to parents. The childcare centre should be either near your home or near the workplace - choose it based on your work timings, at what time you could drop and pick up your child.

Childcare Costs 

Childcare costs could be hefty if not considered carefully. Neither is the lowest fee daycare the cheapest, nor the most expensive one always the best. So, try to balance it out. Consider all other factors, along with childcare costs to find a suitable childcare facility.

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Meal Options 

For any working mom, opting for childcare facilities that offer foods to the children could be a relief. But ensure that the food they provide is healthy, well-balanced and nutritious to your child.


For any busy parent, flexibility could be of great help. Verify if the childcare is flexible with the days of care you need to book your child for and also the timings of the childcare.


The best childcare facilities have structured schedules for learning. It could include plenty of dedicated time for physical activity, quiet time, group programs, individual growth activities, food and free time. Ensure they have no or least screen time.


When it comes to bringing up your little human, it is of utmost importance to have a clean and hygienic environment. Ensure to ask yourself these questions before putting your foot down on one daycare facility - Is it clean and fresh or dirty and run down? What are the hygiene procedures? Are the staff nicely groomed and well presented?


Childcare facility should be a place of happiness and joy while offering learning and nurturing environment to the children. So, when you take a look at the childcare centres, focus on the vibe they offer, observe if the kids are happy and how the staff interact with the children. If you have a good feeling, go ahead, your child would be happy and safe in their hands.

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Do your own research and talk to other parents to know about the childcare facilities. The parents' reviews and word-of-mouth could most certainly be valuable, although it is not the only one which you should rely on.

KLAY - Best Daycare In Aundh

While there is so much of the information available about childcare facilities and how to choose them, KLAY has crossed all the barriers and is gleaming as one of the best daycare and preschool in Aundh, Pune. Here is why!

KLAY, one of the best daycares in Pune, is a chain of high-end preparatory school catering to preschoolers and providing daycare and after-school services. They provide supreme quality education, infrastructure and resources that enable the children to compete and succeed in today’s world. KLAY offers the environment where a child can enjoy his individuality while feeling safe and secure and relishing in the various avenues to explore.


KLAY is focussed on overall child development and offers the rightful care to your child. They offer a safe, hygienic and age-appropriate environment to the kids which enables them to meet their emotional, physical and social needs. They also have an easily accessible centre that caters to an age group of six months to 10 years and is well equipped with an infant room, a spacious outdoor play area and hygienic kitchen where fresh meals are prepared every day for the kids on daily basis.

The biggest strength of KLAY is the parents' community who have supported the child care facility by highly recommending them as the best daycare in Aundh and an excellent preschool in Pune.

The curriculum of KLAY is age appropriate. It has been carefully crafted considering the safety, security, health and happiness of the children. However, KLAY works alongside parents to ensure that the children have the best early childhood education and care. The teaching curriculum and learning philosophy of KLAY are mainly focused on Multiple Intelligence, Inquiry-based learning and experiential learning.

Theory of multiple learning advocates that intelligence could be differentiated by different styles or by the various ways of learning. For instance, at KLAY, the children would be taught numbers through activities using cards, by counting the number of steps, by singing number rhymes. Children would be offered various styles of learning to make it easier for them to pick up the knowledge.

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Inquiry-based learning

Young minds are always igniting with numerous questions and curiosities. It is one of the ways for children to make sense of the world around them. When these questions are answered to their satisfaction level, it starts building a strong foundation for their better future. KLAY has an interesting curriculum that harnesses the very spirit of the investigation while offering the starting point for effective learning in children. 

Experiential Learning

Experience is the best source of knowledge. KLAY encourages building individual strengths and intelligence based on their own experiences. They offer an experiential-based approach to learning which nurtures children’s curiosity and inquisitiveness. It also offers children real-world exposure and hands-on learning.


In total, KLAY is the best daycare which can offer a fun and happy environment for the overall development of your child while ensuring that your child is safe and secure. So, Pune moms, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enrol your child at the best daycare facility in Aundh, Pune!

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