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Moms, We Just Found The Best Preschool In Pune

KLAY early years education

Pune moms, we have the best news for you. We are sure that one of the biggest concerns holding you back from going to work is “who will take care of your child”? You would want to leave your child under the care of a professional who can provide the best possible learning experience. You would also want to ensure that your child is well-fed, rested and taken care of. Thus begins the hunt for the best preschool/daycare.

Worry not - we can make the search easier for you. Based on the following criteria, we have selected the best preschool chain in Pune.

1. Professional Care And Supervision

KLAY early years education

Safety is one of the most important things to consider while you’re looking for a preschool. It is always comforting to know that your child is under the care of a professional. KLAY preschools ensure that every child is always under the supervision of a teacher or trained caregiver by maintaining a good teacher to child ratio.

2. Assurance Of Safety

KLAY early years education

It is only natural for parents to feel anxious about leaving their child at their preschool or daycare. If that is the case with you, being able to see live footage of what the kids do throughout the day can really ease your worries. It’s a simple but significant factor. KLAY CCTV allows registered parents to log in and monitor what their child is doing.

3. Healthy Meals

KLAY early years education

Many preschools offer food to children. This is just so that parents don’t need to rush to prepare meals for their child every morning. But you need to ensure that your preschool provides food which is prepared hygienically and that they have healthy meal plans for the child. It doesn’t hurt to inquire about this when you admit your child. KLAY preschool has an in-house kitchen that serves freshly prepared nutritious meals.

4. Ease Of Access

KLAY early years education

One of the most important criteria for a preschool is whether the preschool or daycare centre is located close to your house or office. This would make it easier to drop and pick up your child. There are several preschools (like KLAY) close to residential areas and IT parks, making life easier for working parents.

KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare qualifies for all of the above criteria and more. With over 130 centres across India, KLAY is an award-winning preschool for your little one. They have a well-structured curriculum based on Multiple Intelligences and Safety. With activities that suit every age, you can maximise your child’s learning at KLAY.

They have a high focus on safety from design, infrastructure and resource perspective. Parents will get daily updates about their child’s activities at KLAY sent to their phone. KLAY also has a dedicated helpline that connects parents to child development experts to discuss all queries related to child growth and development.

Thus, your child receives the care and stimulation they need for all-round growth. You can easily find a KLAY preschool in Pune near you - located at Kharadi, Aundh, Hinjewadi, Kalyani Nagar and Magarpatta. So if you’re looking to go back to work, and also give your child nourishment, care and intellectual growth, KLAY might be a reliable choice for you and your little one!

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