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Protein Intake During Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

proteins during pregnancy

Are you a huge fan of chicken and everything associated with it? Well, we can see ladies smiling! Surely, there must be many of you who crave non-vegetarian food like an addict! But have you checked the recommended daily intake of protein during pregnancy?

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Is Protein For Pregnant Women Recommended?

Major Protein Foods For Pregnancy

Best Ways To Plan Protein Diet In Pregnancy

Protein-Rich Vegetarian Food During Pregnancy

Risks Involved In Rich Source Of Protein

Protein foods for pregnant women are risky and healthy at the same time. It all depends on the source of protein and also, not to forget, its quality. Nowadays, we have an innumerable list of items when we look at protein diet in pregnancy, but you must always consult your doctor before adopting anything. Here, we have a complete guide on protein foods for pregnancy, and we hope it will help you.

Is Protein For Pregnant Women Recommended?

protein intake during pregnancy

We have come across a lot of people wondering this before taking protein foods for pregnancy. Here are some of the facts that you must be aware before consuming protein diet in pregnancy. This will certainly remove all your doubts about it.

‣ Protein diet in pregnancy is a major requirement for a mother because it contains amino acids which are literally the building block of every cell in the body, including the DNA. It nourishes every cell of the body.

‣ Protein foods for pregnancy are very helpful because promotes the proper development of the placenta, red blood cell in the fetus, and also the soft tissues present in the uterus to support your growing fetus.

‣ A proper intake of protein diet in pregnancy ensures that your bones are not weakened after delivery. Usually, women face a lot of issues like osteoporosis, arthritis, and gout after pregnancy and they definitely need a rich source of protein.

‣ Protein for pregnant women is essential because it improves the birth weight of the child. Women with good protein diet in pregnancy give birth to a child who has a healthy weight and is relatively less prone to catching infections such as jaundice and respiratory ailments.

‣ Protein also keeps blood sugar level under check and prevents any chance of gestational diabetes.

‣ Apart from this, protein for pregnant women keeps them less prone to obesity and only helps in the development of muscle.

Major Protein Foods For Pregnancy

protein foods during pregnancy

Here is a list of protein foods for pregnancy that you can include in your diet and stay fit all along your gestational period. Check these out!

‣ Cheese is one of the rich sources of protein which is easily available and also you will love it as a dressing on many dishes. You can consume all sorts of cheese like ricotta, cottage cheese, Parmesan cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, and also mozzarella cheese.

‣ Yoghurt is also one of the best sources of protein that you can rely on. You can mix it with several ingredients and compliment all your needs for protein diet in pregnancy.

 If you are a huge fan of eggs, especially the boiled one, then this is the right time to start consuming protein foods for pregnancy. You can add a pinch of salt in boiled eggs and also tossed them in olive oil along with basil. Make sure you stick to boiled eggs instead of cooked ones because proteins contents will be lost or attenuated as you expose it to heat for a longer time.

‣ Roasted chicken breast can also be included in protein for pregnant women. It is really a rich source of protein which you can rely upon if you take meat often. You can top it with sesame seeds and apply some mild sauce or even sprinkle the seasonings. It will taste really good.

‣ Milk is the complete food for a reason. You need to consume milk regularly, not just for the sake of following protein diet in pregnancy but also for enriching your bones with calcium to avoid future difficulties.

 Now, if you feel uncomfortable in having milk, you can always look up to soy milk. Both soybeans as well as soy milk is a rich source of protein and you must definitely include it under the category of protein foods for pregnant women.

 If you are a big fan of seafood or marine fish, then salmons will be a rich source of protein for you during pregnancy. You can cook it lightly and consume with greens or sprout salad. A little amount of oyster sauce will do no harm though!

Best Ways To Plan Protein Diet In Pregnancy

is protein recommended during pregnancy?

It is advised to consume 40 to 70 grams of protein during pregnancy on daily basis. But, it is always a good habit to seek advice from your doctor and decide the amount of protein intake based on your body weight.

You don’t have to stress over consuming protein foods during pregnancy on daily basis. In fact, you can set an average amount on weekly basis and follow such type of protein diet during pregnancy. If you are not a non-vegetarian, you can still rely on protein-rich vegetarian food during pregnancy.

Protein-Rich Vegetarian Food During Pregnancy

proteins during pregnancy

This is for everyone who cannot stop worrying about their protein diet in pregnancy. You are absolutely safe and we assure you will not suffer from protein deficiency at any cost. Here are some of the rich source of protein for vegetarians. Hope this will bring a smile on your face.

‣ If you are lactose intolerant and want to consume protein foods for pregnancy, then tofu is the right option for you. Just like cottage cheese, you can toss it in salad dressing along with other useful content. This will serve as an amazingly rich source of protein during pregnancy.

‣ Black beans and lentils should be a major part of your protein diet in pregnancy. You can sprout them and mix with salad dressing or simply make nice and light curry out of it.

‣ Worry not about breakfast, because peanut butter is here to rescue. It would be unfair if we didn’t mention about it under the protein diet in pregnancy list. You can apply on brown bread or make pancakes out of it. Anything would be perfect with peanut butter.

‣ The best evening snack with your green tea is roasted peanuts. Who doesn’t love those tiny and crunchy balls? It is also a recommended protein-rich food for pregnant women. You don’t even have to flavour it! Just toss a handful on a hot pan with or without olive oil along with a pinch of salt and you are good to go with it.

‣ If you like some Mexican twist in your protein-rich vegetarian food during pregnancy, then kidney beans are the best options. Just boil some kidney beans, mix with some sprinkled spices as well as seasonings. You can roll them up in pita bread or simple chapatti. What else would be yummier and healthier during pregnancy?

Risks Involved In Rich Source Of Protein

proteins during pregnancy

No wonder pregnancy is full of exceptions! Apart from knowing immensely about these protein foods for pregnancy, you must be aware of the side effects of high protein diet during pregnancy. Now many of you, who are non-vegetarian food lovers, will be disappointed. But the point is to be aware and take care, instead of aborting an element completely from your diet. We respect your cravings!

‣ First of all, you must eat red meat very carefully. There are certain tapeworms which cause serious issues in the digestive system along with reverse peristalsis if the tapeworm gets into your system. These are mostly found in red meat. And the shocking part is, different tapeworms have different heat tolerance. Even though you cook it properly, you will not know if the tapeworm is killed or not. The seriousness increases if it has moulted and left mature eggs in your system.

‣ There are certain marine animals which are edible but can be harmful during pregnancy. King mackerel and tilefish should be avoided during pregnancy because they might contain a compound with mercury in it and it adversely affects the brain of a developing fetus.

‣ Also, some of the broilers inject a large dose of hormones in the young chicks, so they mature fast. Such artificial hormones can be definitely harmful to you as well as your fetus. Make sure you purchase from a reliable source which has a good record of quality delivery.

Hence, by now all of you must have had enough idea about consumption of protein diet in pregnancy. There are a lot of risks as well as benefits involved in this diet, but as an aware pregnant lady, we believe you know what is best for you.

All we suggest you is, take everything in balanced quantity and get yourself regularly checked to remain safe. We would love it if other women would help our pregnant ladies by providing their tips and experience here.

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