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Pros/Cons of Probiotic Supplements


When it comes to health and lifestyle, it is very important for you to be active, have the right nutrition and have healthy practices/habits. As times and your schedules become hectic, this has become an equally significant aspect of staying healthily happy - not only for yourself but for your whole family.

It is, thus, the little things that are simply done - which help you in maintaining a positive health. Read on to know how you can easily contribute to your good health through something called ‘probiotic supplements”!

What are probiotic supplements?

There are some good microbes or bacteria that are always working towards making your body healthy. This set of bacteria assist in a whole lot for you to remain positively healthy. This includes:

- digestion

- removing harmful bacteria

- breaking fats and proteins down

- preventing stagnation of food

- producing immunity enhancing compounds for functions like infection, cold or flu resistance

- preventing an overgrowth of yeast or other similar pathogens

Probiotic supplements are either safe natural food sources or medication that have these added benefits of good bacteria. Thus, having a healthy practice of consuming probiotic supplements is an important boost that is needed to maintain positive health.

Why do you need these supplements?

Other than the general benefits of having these supplements for your health, probiotic supplements are also needed as you:

- age

- may have a poor nutrition or unbalanced diet

- may have lower nutrient absorption in the gut

- may have over used certain medications

Pros of probiotic supplements

- protects against preservatives in food which destroy the good bacteria

- safety against sugar supplements, avoiding the harnessing of more bad bacteria

- beneficial safety if you have overused antibiotics

- healthy digestion and bowel movement, ensuring healthy weight management

- increased energy levels

- positive nutrient absorption, especially during pregnancy

- it is easily portable and stored as there is no refrigeration required

- prevents or brings down inflammation

- providing clear and vibrant skin, helping prevent issues like psoriasis and eczema

- as you’ll feel less bloated or sluggish, your overall happiness will reflect because of positive health

- benefits overall oral health

- there is a possibility if maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol

- help with other problems like treating ulcers, urinary tract infections, improve vaginal health, prevent colon cancer, ease anxiety, depression and traveler’s diarrhea

Cons of probiotic supplements

- they can create mild gas and bloating. In fact, not all physiological effects may be this mild - creating a severe degree of result in other individuals.

- can sometimes overstimulate your immune system

- adversely affect your metabolic pathways such as carbohydrates

- you can have certain bowel problems

- you can seriously fall ill sometimes


Probiotics supplements should be used cautiously by anyone, with good recommended advice from a professional or doctor. It is especially important for pregnant women, infants and young children to be very careful with them. In addition, they should never given to premature infants. While the proof of the long term benefits of these supplements are absent - after an informed consultation - they are very helpful in the end for your overall health.

What are your opinions about these probiotic supplements? 

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