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Pressure Of Conceiving Taking A Toll On Your Sex Life?

When you wait excitedly to see the ‘Positive’ outcome of so much love making and two weeks down the waiting lane, you’re let down by that one line on the test kit which says ‘Negative’ and back again you’re trying the same thing month after month.

This is exactly when you end up losing the charm in the sheets. The art and fun in sex are lost when you just realise that you’re unable to conceive even with so much work. It puts you into a state of emotional disturbance which may end up making you feel disconnected from your partner.

Often you must have heard “ Relax... It will happen on its own.” This is one of the worst things to say to a couple trying for a baby. Nobody tells you how to “just relax”. Why don’t you give the following expert ideas a shot:

1. Boost your sensual and spiritual side in the relationship

Consider taking a couple’s retreat to a fabulous resort or a romantic destination. If you’re insecure about not being able to conceive after the trials previously, take a break from sex (for a few days). You can opt for cuddling, holding hands or even just kissing. It will push the tension off the table and help you regain close contact with your partner.

2.Have a positive body image

You may think bad body= bad sex. It’s all in your head. Each body is beautiful and no matter what your partner love your perfect imperfections. You need to love yourself because you’ll be the one to nurture that little one in your womb for 9 whole months.

If you have a negative outlook of your own body, you’ll probably end up having less sex and lose out on a lot of other happy times with your partner. It can be stressful to change your preconception of yourself but, you’ll overcome this vicious cycle.

3. Ditch the bedroom

Step outside your bedroom and see the wonders outside of it!Spending time outside is known to kill anxiety and other kinds of negative energies flying inside of you. Plan an outing like a picnic or as simple as a long drive. You’ll love the smell in the fresh air and it will instantly uplift your mood.

4.Speak good and it will come true

You know they say God is always watching and listening to you. Using bad language will only bring you down. It can be highly discouraging if you’re unable to get pregnant after trying so hard. Said and done, it causes frustration which comes out in the form of nasty words and rage.

You should be using an optimistic way to explain your problems to your partner in order to improve your outlook on this whole “Oh my God, I’m unable to conceive” problem. Keep yourself motivated by thinking positive about yourself too.

5. Do it for fun

Don’t let sex become just another chore or a responsibility. Sex isn’t supposed to become a burden for you and you’re not supposed to do it just because your goal is to make a baby. You can make sweet sweet love just to get closer with your partner and establish a beautiful bond with him.

You can bring in the spark again by trying out new things in bed like role play and a lot of foreplay. Quit calculating your ovulation dates, the thickness of your cervix mucus and focus on all the fun you’re going to have!

Who knows God might just hear your prayers...because he’s always listening! 

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