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Preparing Your Child For Preschool: What They Should Know

Preschool is the founding step of your child’s academic life. It is therefore very important to get them ready for preschool and inculcate a few basic characters within them so as to make it a fruitful and filling experience for them. All parents want their kids to have a strong start in life and preschool is an extremely important part of that foundation.

Parents, along with teachers play a major role in bringing about this transition in children’s lives and thus play a major part in preparing their little one for this new experience. Here are a few tips to prepare your child:

1. Establish a Schedule

So far your child was home and hence did not need to follow a particular schedule, but now that they are soon going to be going to school, it is essential to teach them the importance of following a particular schedule. Waking up a little early in the morning, going to bed early, eating proper meals and breakfast, limited play time, etc. are a few things that you could work upon to start with. You do not need to make them clockwork monsters, just induce a little discipline.

2. Communication skills

The importance of good communication skills cannot be stressed enough, and this applies to all walks of life. If your child is able to communicate effectively with other children as well as the teacher, they will enjoy going to school and stay lively throughout the day. While talking is important, you should also teach them the importance of listening from as early on as possible. Chat about regular things with your children and introduce them to new words, thereby increasing their vocabulary.

3. Encourage Independence

Your kids are under your care 24*7 when they are home. Once they start going to preschool, they should be able to do certain things on their own. These things don’t have to be very prodigal. They can be as small as tying their own shoelace, getting ready in the morning on their own, helping with a few basic house chores, etc.

4. Make them emotionally ready

Start telling your children about preschool and what they should expect from it, early on. Do not forget to point out to them, all the positive aspects of going to school and learning new things and making new friends. Kids are sensitive and can get hurt by the smallest of insensitivity that comes their way. You need to prepare your kids for such situations and teach them the importance of perseverance.

5. Home Schooling

Before your kid goes to preschool, make sure that you introduce them to the basics of writing and reading so that they are not completely baffled on their first day of school. Buy some basic alphabet and number charts and teach them how to write and paint. Having a basic knowledge about these things will help them recognize familiar topics in school and make them feel more confident.

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