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Preparing For Delivery: A Complete Checklist

As an expecting mom, you’re probably awaiting your due date with some nervousness, because childbirth is a pretty big deal. Your delivery is something you remember for the rest of your life and that’s why you want to make it as smooth and memorable as you can.

You probably have many questions about it - what should you know about delivery? So we’ve put together a quick guide to help you prepare for your big day:

1. Choose Your OB-GYN And Hospital

It is most important to choose an OB-GYN (Obstetrician-Gynecologist) who is not only highly qualified but also makes you feel comfortable. Your maternity hospital should ideally be a multispeciality hospital. The availability of highly qualified specialists in every domain helps to ensure that any complications during or after delivery are handled by the best doctors in those fields.

Manipal Hospitals Whitefield is one such multispeciality hospital, where you can choose from highly qualified OB-GYNs as well as different specialists who are fully equipped to give you all-round comprehensive care.

2. Decide On A Birthing Plan

Ask your doctor about your delivery options and make a choice. Find out the difference between C-sections, normal delivery and water birth. Ask your obstetrician about how they are done, which one would be ideal for you and why.

Find out all you can before making this choice and make sure that your obstetrician supports this choice. Discuss whether you would like any pain management medications during delivery. Making a few of these discussions beforehand not only makes it less stressful for you but also makes it more convenient for your obstetrician.

3. Take Some Prenatal Classes

There are several classes that you can take during your pregnancy that will help you feel more prepared and confident for your delivery.

You can take prenatal exercise classes like prenatal yoga, which help you stay healthy during pregnancy and strengthen the muscles to prepare for childbirth. The childbirth classes and lactation counselling at Manipal Hospitals Whitefield are conducted by experts to help expecting moms prepare for normal delivery, as well as the experience of breastfeeding. These classes help you feel more confident - because you are more aware of what to expect or what should be done.

4. Keep Your Maternity Bag Ready

You should pack a small bag with your post-delivery essentials well in advance because you’ll soon get involved in other mom roles like preparing your child’s nursery and picking out baby clothes. Picking up your things right before you head to the hospital may not be the best idea. Pack the essentials - nursing bras and maternity pads, nightgowns or pyjamas, lip balm, hair ties, a comb, socks and some soft towels. Staying organized this way helps you avoid panic and the rush.

Finally, don’t forget to go over the basics - stay healthy and happy, eat well, get enough rest, and enjoy your pregnancy. Choose the reliable care of Manipal Hospitals Whitefield for a happy, memorable and safe delivery!

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