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Real School Review by Parents: Online Education & Learning for Kids

Real School Online Learning Children

Every kid has a knowledge graph based on their learning needs and speed. Therefore it is really essential for them to be exposed to several activities and hobbies are really essential for their growth years. This not only ensures their holistic development but also exposes them to several fields wherein they develop their life-long interest. Several parents have reviewed Real School as the most trusted platform to unleash their kid’s potential. 

uFaber’s Real School’s core focus is on STEM subjects that have real-life applications. Real School offers 500+ workshops, boot camps, masterclasses, and much more according to the kid’s pace, time, and convenience. Every student has a personal mentor who prepares a study plan according to the kid’s interests, goals, availability, and hobbies. Irrespective of the kid’s age he can start learning about the basics of coding, programming, game development, filmmaking, etc. 

Real School’s workshops vary from categories like leadership development, mental health and well being, nature science, mental maths, space exploration, performance arts, game development, pattern recognition, etc. 

Under these categories, there are 500+ workshops in total which include never-heard-before workshops like habitat in mars, sherlock holmes, yoga storytelling, the genie who could multiply, the science of bird watching and using a map, survival instinct, graffiti art and spell bee, the art of effective communication, illusion drawing among others. 

Some of the notable workshops are the genie who could multiply wherein the kids learn about some interesting ways to multiply with the help of a story around the genie. Habitat on Mars is a debate session among the mentor and other peers who will discuss the possibility, science, and future of space exploration and Mars colonization.

All these workshops are listed on Real School’s KLUB app wherein the early users get a 5-day free access to all the workshops. Moreover, there are different plans to choose from and parents can select the one which suits their kid the best. KLUB’s starter pass includes access to 100+ workshops, personal career counselling, performance tracking, goal setting, and reporting. 

KLUB’s Explore pass includes access to 300+ workshops, free access to 20 missions, goal setting, personal career counseling, and free access to 100 library projects. The KLUB’s Genius pass is the best bet for children who have an unending desire and curiosity to explore concepts. It includes access to 600+ workshops, free material worth Rs. 5000, goal setting, performance tracking, and access to 50 missions. 

Real School’s workshops are listed on their app and it includes several interesting activities like illusion drawing, graphic storytelling, game development among others.

It aims to make education truly interesting and innovative, allowing the students to invest their time in pursuit of knowledge. In this system, the students are not restricted by textbooks, guided by experts; they are driven to constantly acquire knowledge and develop skills.

So, what is the exact method used by Real School which has proved to be effective: 

  • One to One Mentorship: 

Personal mentoring and endless ideation sessions ensure students undergo high engagement discussions which further stimulates higher-order thinking. These sessions with Real School’s mentors will have 10x the impact as compared to any other lecture in their school. 

  • Highly Qualified Mentors: 

Every mentor is trained and seasoned in their skill equipped enough to inspire students and facilitate them to think deeper, harder, and go beyond the boxed boundaries. It is liberating for students to finally meet a person who has all the answers to the silliest of questions, someone who is both a friend and guide.

  • Hyper Personalisation of Content: 

Real School’s project-based curriculum approach allows them to personalize the learning and experience path for each student. While some might be drawn towards product design, others might love the storytelling path, eventually transforming both thinkers, problem solvers, and creators.

  • Focus on Skills of the Future: 

Picture your kids using skills like learnability, problem-solving, critical thinking moving towards a design-thinking approach, while others focus on adding numbers faster. We are now in the digital and information age, and employers and employees of the future are most likely going to be thinkers, not number crunchers.

  • No Constraint of Time and Location: 

Real School allows students to experience learning from the comfort of their personal space and at a time when they want to do it most. All of which creates a highly conducive environment to activate brain cells and fall in love with learning.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach: 

A single project exposes students to multiple knowledge domains with high contextual relevance. Moreover, the exposure is driven by the innate need of the students towards the goal of solving the problem. This motivation makes the acquired knowledge both permanent and self-earned.

Several parents have vouched for Real School’s workshop and expressed how it has been beneficial for their kid. In one such review for Real School’s workshop, Mayuresh Jadhav said, Nirvan, my son was always interested in taking his toys apart and playing with the motors and other small parts. I bought him an expensive RC Car and in just a week he had experimented with it and  taken it apart. I bought him a mechanical set that has motors and lights and circuit boards but he was not interested in it much. But with Real School, he’s got a kit and more importantly, he has a personal mentor for each project that guides him through the entire process.”

Another parent, Naina Kapoor said in her feedback, “Kaira, my daughter was never interested in playing with the regular toys, since a young age she wanted to play with screwdrivers and all the tools in her father’s toolbox. The moment I heard about The Real School from Instagram, I knew that it would be a perfect fit for her. She’s having a ball of a time, tinkering around with circuits and motors and I was so shocked about the incite she’s developing into how to think like an entrepreneur.”

She further reviewed, “The KLUB app of Real School hosts regular workshops into some really never-heard-before topics and concepts. Tanmayee is always looking forward to the new schedule and her projects that are assigned to her by her personal mentors. She even loves interacting with other fellow Real Schooler’s as they all share the same interest and passion. They have turned out to be her best virtual friends.“ 

Along with Alpana and Gagan, several other parents have vouched for Real School as the best platform for their child's holistic development. You can check out all those reviews here. According to Connection Academy’s 2019 report, over 46% of parents have said that they require their kids to have a flexible schedule for learning and more emphasis should be given on STEM subjects. 

At Real School, students are challenged with real-world problems, dedicated mentors guide them to constantly acquire knowledge and develop essential skills that will pave their way to success no matter what they plan to do in the future. It is indeed a revolutionary school where there are no boring lectures, no rote learning. All that your kid has to do is select a topic of interest and the mentors will leave no stone unturned in making them fall in love with the process! 

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