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Premature Baby Born With Brain Showing Through Her Skin And A Collapsed Lung

Cheri Price, a mother from England had given birth to a premature baby on 23rd February 2017. The tiny baby girl, Hailie, had lost her ability to breathe for seven whole minutes due to being born with a collapsed lung at just 23 weeks. Normally, a pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks so this baby was born within half of the usual period that a baby spends in the womb.

The mother, Cheri, had lost her ‘mucus plug’ (barrier between the uterus and vagina that holds the baby in and keeps her protected) and had since started having severe contractions at just 20 weeks of gestation. The 22-year-old mother says, "When Hailie was born, it sounds bad to say it, but she looked like a red alien.”

When Cheri Price and Timothy Dillon took their premie to a local hospital, they were told that they didn’t have the facilities to treat a premature baby under 24 weeks. So they drove 300 miles to find a hospital for their baby. Risks are much higher with babies who are born at 23 weeks or sooner. They have very minimal chances of survival.

Hailie was fortunate to have parents who did everything in their capacity to keep her alive. She had to be resuscitated the moment she was born since she was born with a collapsed lung. She was then put into an incubator and nobody was allowed to touch her. Luckily the doctors were successful and she survived.

The struggle didn’t end there, however. After three months, Hailie was diagnosed with stage 3 ROP. Eventually, the doctors were able to save her eyesight. She was finally sent home on June 19 last year, about 2 days after her actual due date.

The adorable baby girl even celebrated her first birthday on 23rd February 2018. Our prayers and blessings are always with her as she truly is a little miracle. Hope she grows up to be a smart, young lady one day.

Hailie is the third child in the family. In the picture above, she is pictured with two of her brothers - Liam and Jack. Understandably, Cheri has said that she doesn't plan on having any more children. 

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