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Pregnancy Travel: Everything You Need To Know

Travelling when you’re pregnant comes with its own set of challenges and guidelines. But a little advance planning along with some common sense can make all the difference in the world when it comes to pregnancy travel.

Regardless, discuss any travel plans with your doctor and see what s/he thinks. If your doctor is concerned, then you should be concerned and really weigh whether the travel is necessary.

Pregnancy Travel: General Advice

These are some tips for all pregnant women who are travelling no matter how or where you're travelling to:

- Consider buying trip insurance. You never know what will happen during any pregnancy and this way you are covered if you have to cancel your trip for any reason.

- Schedule a check-up before your vacation so you can get a green light from your doctor.

- Keep your prenatal vitamins and any other medications you need in your purse in case you get separated from your bags.

Pregnancy Travel: Food

Irrespective of how you travel, it's necessary to have your essentials such as snack foods and vitamins with you. If you are travelling to someplace more rural like your native place, then you have to consider bringing the following things with you. Protect your stomach in villages by drinking bottled water or canned juices, making sure the milk is pasteurized, and steer clear of fresh fruits and vegetables unless they have been cooked or can be peeled. Also, avoid eating in restaurants that don’t maintain hygiene standards.

Pregnancy Travel: Air Travel

In general, air travel is OK during the entire pregnancy but common sense dictates that women with complicated pregnancies involving twins, hypertensive disease, severe nausea, placenta previa, preterm labour, and other pregnancy-related complications should not fly. As long as there are no known complications to pregnancy, travelling on an aeroplane is reasonable.

Choose an aisle seat so you can get up and down without climbing over your neighbour. This will also help you get to the bathroom in a hurry, as pregnant women have to use the bathroom often. Use porters or suitcases with wheels to try to make pregnancy travel as physically easy as possible. It's important to drink non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages before, during, and after air travel while pregnant. Also, air travel tends to be dehydrating so consider drinking extra fluids when flying.

Pregnancy Travel: Road Trip

Pregnancy travel by car has some of the same risks and rules as travelling by plane. The main problem here is blood clots. Try to get out and walk every few hours if you are driving long distances in a car. Calf exercises can also help keep blood flowing. Lift your foot up and twirl or wiggle it around for exercise.

Wear your seat belt. When you are pregnant, wear both the lap and shoulder belt and buckle the lap strap under your belly and over your hips.

Pregnancy Travel: Trains

One of the most frequent modes of transportation in the country, train travel is generally safe. Some obvious things to be kept in mind are to choose the lower berth to avoid the unnecessary physical discomfort of climbing up and down every time you need to use the bathroom and carrying your meals with you. Pack your meals, as train food is not recommended.

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