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Pregnancy Third Trimester: The Complete Guide

pregnancy third trimester

So here we are with lots of excitement and happiness because late pregnancy is one of the best pregnancy stages. Believe it or not, but if you are going gaga over your third trimester and you are so enjoying your pregnancy week by week, then you are slaying it. With just a few more weeks left, you might have developed late pregnancy anxiousness and butterflies too. But we have got your back with everything covered related to late pregnancy stages and the change you might come across. Just go ahead with this blog and you will feel relieved!

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Fun Facts About Third Trimester That Will Make You Smile

Baby's Growth During Late Pregnancy

Third-Trimester Body Changes That You Must Be Aware Of

Must-Dos In Late Pregnancy Stages 

Fun Facts About Third Trimester That Will Make You Smile

facts about the third trimester

Just like symptoms of pregnancy in the first week, late pregnancy symptoms are also very important to observe. It is definitely not something you can take for granted. So, it is important to know that after 28 weeks, your third-trimester starts, lead your way towards advanced pregnancy stages. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, you must remember that your labour can start anytime soon. But some babies are patient enough to pull it off till 40 weeks.

The concern starts when you cross 42 weeks with normal symptoms and that's when you are declared overdue. Well, worry not because in such cases you will be induced with hormones that will trigger contraction and your rebel baby has to come out safely. You will be amazed to know that 30 per cent of the babies like to hang out in their mommy’s womb till 40 weeks and they are born healthy.

Baby's Growth During Late Pregnancy

baby's growth during third trimester

You must be excited to know about how well your baby’s growth takes places during late pregnancy. Even though the third trimester doesn’t involve much of major changes, but it is fun to read about your pregnancy week by week. So, here we have baby's growth in late pregnancy explained in detail!

‣ Your baby's cartilage is now transforming into bones which drives a major amount of calcium from your body. Make sure you take plenty of calcium-rich foods to keep that in balance.

‣ During the late pregnancy, your baby develops opaque skin and significant nails which can be observed properly.

‣ You will be excited to know that your baby’s first poop, which is termed as meconium starts to form in the third trimester. This is also an indication that your baby’s digestive system is activated during your late pregnancy and is working all fine.

‣ If you are excited to talk with your baby and let him/her know about how excited you are, then wait no more! Your child’s sensory organs are activated and they will be able to hear you from the womb. They will start receiving signals and you can say whatever you would like to.

‣ Your child's brain has developed enough by late pregnancy to balance the body temperature and will also start blinking or dreaming.

‣ Also, by 34 weeks your child’s head has perfectly turned upside down to provide a smooth passage for delivery. Moreover, if there is any discrepancy in this position then your doctor is likely to make changes and bring it back to normal.

Third-Trimester Body Changes That You Must Be Aware Of

body changes in third trimester

As you proceed with pregnancy week by week, it is important to keep the body change in mind during different pregnancy stages. Just so you don't freak out or become nervous about the changes, here is a small trailer of what you will face as you move ahead with your pregnancy week by week.

Pain in abdomen:

This is quite obvious in late pregnancy stages because your growing bump is trying to adjust with your body. Hence, you must get a heating pad or comfortable cushions in order to feel better.


You are likely to feel more fatigue as you advance towards your due date and handle your pregnancy week by week. Your body will start demanding more energy and if you don’t take proper diet, you might feel tired too often. So, make sure you handle this well.


Due to baby bump and continuous growth of baby with the advancement of pregnancy week by week, the food you consume will remain in the upper portion. All the digestive reaction will take place in an abnormal manner that will lead to heartburn during late pregnancy stages. Hence, make sure you don’t consume something that will increase your uneasiness.

symptoms in third trimester of pregnancy

Braxton Hicks contraction:

In order to keep you prepared and give you more practice of what labour feels like, you will often feel these irregular contractions. Hence, do not panic and rush to the labour room. Instead, wait for some more time.

Varicose veins: 

With all the increased blood pressure and enhancement of your circulatory system during late pregnancy stages, you will feel bulging of your veins. But don't worry because it is just a matter of time and you will get back to normal after delivery.

Stretch marks: 

These are very prominent and if you are someone who feels bothered about it, then you must start using moisturizer or almond oil in the abdominal area before your bump starts growing. This will keep your skin smooth and will not leave an excess of tears.

Leakage from mammary gland: 

It is just a sign that your baby will get enough nutrition and you must not worry about it at all.

Must-Dos In Late Pregnancy Stages

final trimester approaching

We have a good number of pregnancy tips for you but here are some which can ease your third-trimester chaos. Remember, all these pregnancy tips will just make things easy and lighter for you. However, being a mother is not easy and you must certainly take care of your foetus.

‣ Keep comfortable bras in your wardrobe without worrying about fashion or looks. Also, do not forget to stock up good footwear that will help you walk like a queen during the third trimester.

‣ Start meditation on regular basis and also do some slow walking at least for 20 minutes in a park or terrace. This will keep you positive despite all the weird dreams you get as you move ahead with pregnancy week by week.

‣ You must keep a check on your vaginal discharges because sometimes you can actually observe the mucous plug getting released. This might be the sign that labour is not too far from you.

tips for final trimester

‣ Take classes and consultation about handling the labour and how to be positive throughout without freaking out.

‣ Keep a record of your fetal movement and be alert as soon as you feel something. Don’t skip your checkup schedules with the doctor and this is one of the pregnancy tips that you might not want to forget.

‣ Get all sorts of knowledge while you have time so as to make sure that you don’t face any confusion while taking care of your child.

‣ Thus, after you have all the above point in mind, you can start listing the names for your baby and select everything you can from paediatrician to cord banking. Leave no stone unturned because this is your moment and you must enjoy all your pregnancy stages to the fullest.

‣ We welcome all the pregnancy tips from mommies who have been through this stage and would like to share their experiences with our to-be mommies. So, please encourage our pregnant ladies and bring a smile on their face with all your funny and useful suggestions.

DISCLAIMER: This article has been written for informative purposes only. Please do consult your doctor if you have any health issues and seek their advice. A direct and specific evaluation from your doctor is much more valuable than anything you would find on the Internet.

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