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Pregnancy Second Trimester: The Complete Guide

second trimester of pregnancy

Isn’t it amazing to see the foetus grow during your pregnancy week by week? It is a beautiful feeling when you realize that you have a life inside your womb and very soon you will have a new human in your life. All your anxiousness starts when you are 20 weeks pregnant and we are here to help you get through the same. So we bring to you some pregnancy tips for women who are 20 weeks pregnant or have crossed their first trimester. If you are looking for that friend who helps you during different pregnancy stages, then you can trust us for the same.

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Changes In Body When You Are 20 Weeks Pregnant

Why Should You Do Exercises In The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy Stages?

Pregnancy Tips For Second Trimester 

Changes In Body When You Are 20 Weeks Pregnant

body changes at 20 weeks

Pregnancy stages involve a good number of changes in the body and you see most of it when you are 20 weeks pregnant. If you closely monitor the changes, you will feel that your second trimester is the most relaxing stage of your pregnancy. It is the period when you have all the time to enjoy your pregnancy and do all sorts of pregnancy planning with your husband about your child.

As a routine, you must take an ultrasound test when you are 20 weeks pregnant so that doctor can see how well your child is growing in your womb. It is good to take care of pregnancy week by week and ensure a healthy gestational period.

Given below are some of the changes as your pregnancy stages further.

Back pain:

Due to an increase in weight and also dilation of your bones due to relaxin hormone, you will feel back pain when you are 20 weeks pregnant. In order to feel relieved in this situation, you can sit with good back support, and have pillow tucked between your two legs.

Bleeding gums:

It is one of the signs of pregnancy when you are 20 weeks pregnant and it happens due to excess blood flow to your gums because of hormonal changes. But, no matter what, you must maintain your oral hygiene without any miss because any carelessness can lead to premature labour.

Breast enlargement:

Of course, you must be aware of the pregnancy stage where your breasts enlarge. It is mainly to accommodate the milk for feeding your baby. They will continue to grow and you might feel a little bit of pain. Wearing comfortable inner garments and skin friendly bras is recommended during this time.

Nasal congestion:

One of the most troublesome symptoms of pregnancy, when you are 20 weeks pregnant, is nasal congestion. The hormonal changes and rush of blood will cause swelling in your nasal cavity and your nose will feel stuffy most of the time. These are the changes you see in pregnancy week by week.

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changes in secong trimester of pregnancy

Vaginal discharge:

Some people believe that as you proceed with pregnancy week by week, your vaginal discharge will reduce. But, the fact is, you will have a thin white discharge even when you are 20 weeks pregnant. You can use panty liner but don’t go for tampons because it is likely to increase the chances of catching a vaginal infection. However, if you notice a vaginal discharge with a strong odour, odd colour, or excess amount, then you can consult a doctor.

The urge to urinate frequently: 

Since your pelvic region gets maximum pressure when you are 20 weeks pregnant, you will feel this too often. You just have to maintain a little patience.


Due to major hormonal changes, you will see a lot of hair growth on your face, body, back, and arms. The hair on your head will become thicker and a bit rough. You can use less aggressive methods of hair removal and most probably shaving would do. But these symptoms will reside after pregnancy and you will be back to normal with hair growth.

Baby movements: 

You start feeling little kicks in the abdomen and that is one sign you are proceeding with your pregnancy week by week. But, many women don’t feel the kicking movement from baby until 6 months, and that varies from pregnancy stages of one woman to the other.

Apart from the normal symptoms, given below are some of the warning signs, you should seek medical advice during the second trimester of your pregnancy stages.

‣ Severe and continuous occurrence of abdominal cramps

‣ Sudden bleeding

‣ Excess of vaginal discharge

‣ Too much of weight gain or too little of weight gain by the second trimester

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Why Should You Do Exercises In The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy Stages?

exercises during the second trimester of pregnancy

As you proceed with your pregnancy week by week, your abdominal muscles start getting detached and your muscles are dilated. Usually, if you don't take good care and you don't learn about pregnancy tips, then you are likely to feel fatigue either during the time of labour or after labour.

Due to these changes during every pregnancy stages, your functioning muscles fall weak after some time. And you are supposed to maintain them by doing light exercises to increase the strength. It takes some time to adjust when there are changes in the first trimester of pregnancy week by week. But, during all pregnancy stages of the second trimester, the puffiness is reduced and to maintain the muscle strength you should take aerobics session at least twice in a week.

The heavy exercises such as jogging, swimming, and twisting of the body during these pregnancy stages are not recommended because it might increase round ligament pain. This pain is usually the sharp pain that arises due to stretch in your pelvic region when your bone is accommodating to provide an easy delivery to you.

Also, if you start exercising from first trimester itself, you will see that your baby bump will be less visible. Sometimes, you will read in pregnancy tips that the bump should show in a certain time period of your pregnancy stages, but it’s fine if it is not visible.

Generally, when you develop a baby bump, people tend to come up with pregnancy tips that suggest you to skip the exercise. But, balancing exercises such as breathing ones and comfortable yoga poses are beneficial during the second trimester.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy are given below in small chunks for you to know better:

‣ It keeps your body fit and maintains your stamina

‣ It ensures a less exhausting labour

‣ It maintains the blood flow and makes sure that there is no obstruction

‣ Exercise increases the size of the placenta which in turn nourishes your baby

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Pregnancy Tips For Second Trimester

pregnancy tips for second trimester

In order to help you with your second-trimester confusion and changes, we have some useful pregnancy tips that you will need to keep in mind. Hope this helps!

‣ Even if you are doing exercise, you must take proper care of your body. This is one of the pregnancy tips which is missed most of the time. When you do exercise, you must remember that purpose is not to lose energy and reduce weight but to relieve the muscles and keep them functioning. Hence, take rest and eat whenever you feel hungry.

‣ Also, now you are advancing the pregnancy stages, so it’s high time for you to leave your heels and wear comfortable footwear. You can prefer flats or platforms which has absolutely no chance of slipping or twisting your ankle.

‣ As your baby grows, the demand for nutrition also increases. So, the foremost pregnancy tips we would like to mention here is to take a good amount of iron and protein. After 18 weeks, you must get your iron tested more frequently, and consume the food accordingly.

‣ If you feel restless and tired for 3 days continuously, despite taking normal healthy food and regular exercise, then you must visit a doctor. Usually, people feel it is one of those things people feel in pregnancy stages, but we would like to emphasize on this symptom.

‣ You have consumed a healthy diet because due to excess production of the hormone relaxin which causes your bones to become dilated. These are not just signs of pregnancy. Due to dilation, a simple fall or twisted ankle can turn out to be a long term injury and sometimes even fracture.

‣ Since you are going to be exercising, it is advised that you keep yourself hydrated all the time.

Therefore, we would love to hear from experienced mommies about their experience of second-trimester changes and we would like them to share some useful pregnancy tips for the same. Now, that you know about the necessary things to keep in mind, we hope you will take good care of yourself and pass this pregnancy stage without any trouble or complication.

DISCLAIMER: This article has been written for informative purposes only. Please do consult your doctor if you have any health issues and seek their advice. A direct and specific evaluation from your doctor is much more valuable than anything you would find on the Internet.

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