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Pregnancy First Trimester: The Complete Guide

pregnancy first trimester

You feel all the butterflies in this world when you first hear about you being pregnant, isn’t it? These nine months of your life are most precious because you feel each and every change by yourself. But the journey of pregnancy is not a smooth ride either. Apart from all the excitement, you also go through mood swings and weird pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy stages are divided into trimester i.e. a set of three months. Symptoms of pregnancy differ from one trimester to the other and hence, you must be ready for a roller coaster ride. But, in order to guide you a little and make things easier, here is the complete guide to the first trimester of pregnancy.

Table Of Contents

Pregnancy Symptoms - Week 1: What To Keep In Mind?

Weight Gain During First Trimester

Pregnancy Symptoms That Indicate You Need To See A Doctor

First Trimester Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Tests During First Trimester

Your Pregnancy Planner For First Trimester

Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 1: What To Keep In Mind?

first trimester week by week

If you ask about pregnancy symptoms to women, you will come across different stories. Some might blow your mind and some will give you a sigh of relief. Above everything, you must grasp the concept that pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman. You are likely to differ from others based on your symptoms of pregnancy. Hence, these are the little things that you need to keep in mind.


The symptoms of pregnancy include spotting or more commonly called bleeding. However, most of the conception is unsuccessful because women consider these spotting as periods and don’t take proper care. If you are trying to conceive and into family planning, then you must get it checked instead of any casual assumption.

Sore breast:

Apart from the tingling sensation, you will feel a constant heaviness in your breast. You will feel like it is swollen just the way it gets when you are on your period - except it may be a bit more intense. This can also be considered to be pregnancy symptoms too.

Morning sickness:

How can we not consider these common symptoms of pregnancy? Nausea, vomiting, and dizziness right after getting up from bed comprise together as morning sickness.

Food cravings: 

The rolling and twisting of hormones are obvious symptoms of pregnancy. And it brings along food cravings. You feel like eating spicy, tangy, sweet, and cheesy all the time! It’s a really interesting phase of life, isn’t it?

Mood swings: 

Talk of hormones and not mention mood swings? It’s unfair! We mentioned hormones being a culprit, and this is one of the reasons why! And it’s not because of any particular hormone, but because of the changes in hormonal balance. It is one of the major pregnancy symptoms.

Missed periods: 

A very obvious pregnancy symptom is missing your periods. However, there are a lot of other hormonal changes which may bring your menstrual cycle to halt. But, if you are trying for conception and you miss your period, then you might want to be serious about it.


Since, your body allocates a major amount of energy, blood, and nutrients to your embryo for implantation, you will feel weakness. You will get tired by doing just a little bit of work. Also, your muscles will give up if you keep working without rest for too long. Hence, this is one of the major symptoms of pregnancy.

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Weight Gain During First Trimester

weight gain during pregnancy

Women feel that weight gain is one of the symptoms of pregnancy, but it's not a symptom. It all depends on your diet, your baby’s development, your hormonal balance, etc. You need not necessarily become chubby or grow in terms of weight when you are pregnant. Remember that the foetus grows only for few inches during initial weeks of pregnancy stages and you might now gain more than 4 pounds during this phase.

Your weight gain will start only when you reach the second trimester and right now you can rely on nutritional food. You can consume rich foods like avocados, whole grains, bananas, and yoghurt in small chunks whenever you feel hungry. Based on your food cravings, you can divide your meals in order to avoid unhealthy binging.

Even though weight gain is a sign that your body is absorbing whatever you consume, gaining more than required weight in your first of the pregnancy stages can be avoided. You can balance the extra gain by yoga, exercise, and get the tests done for thyroid.

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Pregnancy Symptoms That Indicate You Need To See A Doctor

You may already know that your body will behave in a weird manner during these few of the pregnancy stages, but there are certain signs which can be an alarm to visit your gynaecologist. You must not take these symptoms of pregnancy lightly and must consult your doctor immediately. Check out these pregnancy symptoms below:

‣ Excessive bleeding

‣ Continuous abdominal pain which is increasing

‣ Sensation of pain during urination

‣ Abnormal swelling in limbs and face

‣ Blurry vision

First Trimester Pregnancy Tips

first trimester ultrasound

First-trimester has its own cliché to be very honest. Some people take it very lightly and continue to exhaust themselves, whereas some people are so conscious that they hardly move. Do not be either of these two because we are giving a complete guide about to-do list during the first trimester of pregnancy stages.


Prenatal vitamins are recommended as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. During initial pregnancy stages, it is important to have these vitamins because this will ensure that your baby doesn’t have any neural tube defects.

The right doctor: 

Explore through the option you have and choose the right person to look after your pregnancy during the early pregnancy stages only. There is no doubt that some people will only try to extract money from your pocket, but you have to rely upon someone who is more concerned about your prenatal care.

Proper food intake: 

It is very important to watch your diet during early pregnancy stages because one careless decision can cause complications. Have a balanced diet and keep your kitchen ready with the grocery of your needs. Even though you will have food cravings, but pick the food healthwise and try to have fewer cheat days during early pregnancy stages. You have to start watching your diet strictly once you are 5 weeks pregnant.

Dedicate time for exercise: 

Do not believe anyone who says you need complete bed rest during pregnancy. Exercise is very important to ensure that you have a safe labour and delivery. It makes your bone flexible and hence, you will not get exhausted during labour.

Sexual activity: 

It is safe to have sexual intercourse with your partner by keeping proper hygiene. It is good for your hormonal balance and also keeps your baby safe.

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Pregnancy Tests During First Trimester

pregnancy test

Your pregnancy planner should have these tests marked because it is necessary to get initial tests done for ensuring the safety of your child. After you have decided your Ob-Gyn specialist, you must give your medical history as well as family history to him/her for proper examination.

A Pap smear test is a must to find if you are prone to any serious infection in your uterine area. Also, your urine analysis is important to do some function tests which may clear the speculations of a doctor about your pregnancy. A complete blood test is necessary to find your blood type, Rh status, hCG levels, and any signs of infection.

An ultrasound will confirm the heartbeat of your foetus and date your pregnancy approximately. Be prepared to answer a few questions and also do not hesitate to clear your doubts with your practitioner in order to avoid myths and chaos at the later stages.

Pregnancy tips include genetic counselling as well as some genetic tests to ensure the health of your baby. Based on these tests, you will know if your baby has diabetes, congenital heart defects, Down’s syndrome, and will also tell you about the risks of certain diseases that your child may suffer from in future.

Your Pregnancy Planner For First Trimester

We have seen a number of people who are fond of pregnancy planner and we thought you might be one of them. The foremost pregnancy tips we get to maintain proper mental health for mother is to maintain a pregnancy planner or pregnancy journal. It could just be a notebook where you keep an account of everything that you felt or wanted your child to know when he/she would grow up into an adult. You can have pictures, or you can simply do a daily diary entry.

This pregnancy planner can be used to mark the dates for your visits to the doctor and also for taking the medical tests. While you are planning for pregnancy, you cannot leave behind the cost it includes. Always consider having a health insurance policy to cover some part of the cost for your pregnancy.

When you extend your family, you have to extend a lot of things alongside. You must allocate some budget for the welfare of your child and also plan your expenses accordingly. This should not be done out of pressure but for the well-being and safety of your child.

Your pregnancy planner can include the names you have in mind for your baby and it can also be used for your creative imagination. You can pursue your interests in art and keep it recorded in your pregnancy journal. In case you have plans to announce your pregnancy or celebrate it with your close friends and family, then it could find its way in your planner too. Just make sure you enjoy every phase of your pregnancy stages.

Here, we conclude our guide for your first trimester of pregnancy and we hope you have enjoyed reading everything. Apart from this, we would request our readers to leave their suggestions and advice for our newbie mothers and help them in handling the first trimester of pregnancy.

DISCLAIMER: This article has been written for informative purposes only. Please do consult your doctor if you have any health issues and seek their advice. A direct and specific evaluation from your doctor is much more valuable than anything you would find on the Internet.

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