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With the arrival of the baby, you enter into a new phase of life, a priceless period filled with a plethora of emotions. Embracing motherhood and taking care of the baby is no small task. While the care and well being of the baby holds top priority, the new mommies also need some pampering. The nine months have not been easy for you. Your health also needs care and attention. For first-time mommies, the postnatal period may not always be a bed of roses. Every day brings in a new challenge. For all the new mommies, here are a few vital tips to make the postnatal period smooth sailing with fewer bumps. 

Rest and sleep are important: 

While the nine months have been taxing, the postnatal period is no different. Rest and sleep are as important for the mother as it is for the baby. With the baby around, enjoying a sound sleep look like a distant dream but it is not impossible. All you need is a little adjustment. While you steal some well-deserved rest and sleep, your husband, other family members or a babysitter can look after the baby.

Choose your foods carefully: 

Post-pregnancy, it is natural for a woman to be low in energy. Like pregnancy, this is also a period when you need to take care of your diet and foods, especially if you are into breastfeeding. Include foods in your diet that high in the nutrient content and yet not too much fattening. Brown rice, legumes, dairy products that are low in fats (yoghurt, cheese, or milk), lean meat (especially beef that is a powerhouse of iron), salmon, whole grain cereals or bread, oranges, blueberries, green leafy vegetables, eggs, are healthy food options.

However, in some cases, the baby may be allergic to dairy products. If your baby shows any signs of an allergic reaction (wheezing, stomach upset, diarrhoea, blocked nose, rashes), stop the consumption of milk or dairy products immediately.

Stay hydrated: 

It is essential to keep the body hydrated. Sip into healthy fluids (fresh fruit juice, vegetable soup, coconut water, smoothies, and protein shakes) throughout the day. Just make sure you don't overdo yourself.

Exercise only when you are fit enough: 

There is no denying the fact that exercises, yoga, and aerobics keep the body healthy. But don't jump into it immediately after the delivery. Give your body some time and rest.

Women who had a C-section delivery should start with their exercise or other strenuous physical activities only when recommended by the attending physician. Lifting heavy objects or bending too much should also be avoided (at least for the first two-three weeks following the delivery).

Practice good hygiene: 

The new mom and the baby are both susceptible to infections and various health ailment. Thus, take care of the hygiene. Everyone, including the new mommy, should wash their hands and feet properly before touching the baby. The mother should also wash the hands and wipe the breasts (especially the nipples) with a clean wet cloth every time after breastfeeding the baby.

Lose weight the healthy way: 

Pregnancy is synonymous with weight gain. But there is no point in fretting or losing your sleep over it. Avoid stress, stay healthy and cheerful, follow a healthy diet with some exercise (not immediately after the delivery though), and you are back to wearing your favourite dresses.

Interact with other new moms: 

It is a wise idea to be a part of some new mom groups and organizations. Interacting with new moms, learning about their experiences will assist you in managing the baby better.

If you or the baby experience any discomfort, seek the assistance of your doctor immediately.

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