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Post Pregnancy Waist Trainers to Try Out

Your body grows from everywhere once you have a baby and that too in no proportion. These days with sleep training and potty training for the babies, the new moms are trying waist training for themselves. The 16th-century corset has a modern-day cousin called belly wrap and it is helping moms to obliviate their post-baby tummy.

What is waist training?
The use of waist training

It is the act or process of tightly wrapping the midsection of your body, typically from the bottom of the ribs to lower waist. It is wrapped with a corset or a supportive band and gradually reduces your post-baby waist. The claim made about the waist trainers is that the tight wrapping triggers perspiration due to increased thermal activity in the area and results in fat loss. This process is also alleged to cause slimming and reshaping of the waist.

You can go for trying a waist trainer if you are looking for a temporary slimming effect. Corsets could be just perfect for a social occasion as they support a saggy belly providing you with enough physical and mental to wear any outfit you desire. However, waist training is not a quick and permanent solution. Along with it, you should follow a workout plan as well while maintaining your diet. Corsets are just good to make you look better and feel confident.

Keep in mind that strenuous exercise and wearing a tight corset is not at all recommended in the first six months of the delivery as it poses some health risks. It is good to take advice from your doctor about the use of a girdle.

Things you should know before buying a waist trainer
Different styles of girdles

There are various kinds of girdles available in the market. One type does not suit all, you should find one that fits you best.

1. Corset style girdle – They come with snap or boning enclosures while being made of medical grade material. These provide maximum required support for recovery post pregnancy.

2. Zipper style girdle – They come equipped with a zipper either on the side or on the front. A front zipper style is easy to wear and take off, especially if you had a C-section.

3. Wrap style girdle – They come with a frontal flap that wraps around your waist or midsection and fastens at the back.

4. Pull-up style girdle – They are like underwear with high waist. This is handy but not ideal for use if you had a C-section.

The things that you should take into consideration before buying a girdle are: -
Comfort, effectiveness, Durability and Usability of Waist trainers

1. Comfort – Are you comfortable carrying out activities while wearing it? Is it harming your skin? This is what you should ask yourself for checking the comfort of a waist trainer.

2. Effectiveness – Will it work for vaginal and C-section both? Does it provide required support? Does it relieve back pain?

3. Durability – Check the material quality. See if it will last longer and wear away with continuous and extended use.

4. Usability – Can you use it all day long? Will it show under clothes?

5. Material – What material is it made of – latex, nylon, cotton? Does the material cause you allergy and is it breathable?

Some of the best rated postpartum girdles are listed below.

1. Bellfit Dual-Closure Girdle – It has doctor-recommended and medical-grade abdominal panel. It is invisible under clothes and does not slip or bundle up. It is the best girdle after a C-section.

2. Belly Bandit – It is made of cotton, bamboo, and lace. It soaks the moisture while breathing helping the skin to retain nourishment. It is convenient to put on and take off.

3. Amon Forgive Postpartum Maternity Girdle – It has an easy pull-up design and is budget friendly. It is comfortable and you can wear it all day.

4. Gabriella Postpartum Support Girdle – It is suitable after a vaginal delivery and offers back support, relieves pain and improves posture. Made of allergy-free material, it also goes easy on the budget.

5. Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Firm Compression Waist Trainer – It supports the back and trims specific areas of the body. It remains invisible even under a strapless dress or low waist trouser. Does not roll up either.

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