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Pledge To Teach Your Child These 5 Habits For Healthy Teeth

Keeping the teeth healthy is a continuous process. Especially your child’s teeth, because milk teeth, as you may already know, are thinner, softer and more prone to erosion. And if your child’s milk teeth are not in their best health, there are chances that this problem will persist in their adult teeth too.

So the habits that you need to build for their healthy teeth need to be made today! It’s never too early or too late to start making these good habits in your child. It will be easier for you if you make these habits at a young age.

Here are the 5 dental care habits that you must teach your child now:

01 Brush Everyday, Twice A Day

Brushing your child’s teeth properly is never easily done. From running away to throwing a fuss, kids will resist all your attempts. To get around this hurdle, try to make it fun with activities like singing or games. Try using a timer as a “challenge” - “we must not stop until the timer stops or we lose the game!” - kids are more competitive than we think they are.

One of the biggest game-changers when it comes to brushing? Choosing fruity toothpaste instead of minty ones! Using a fruity-flavoured fluoridated toothpaste like Colgate Kids Toothpaste can make a huge difference - your kids will look forward to brushing with their tasty toothpaste! And the fluoride will ensure that their delicate milk teeth are strengthened and protected!

02 Mouth Rinse After Meals

This is a small and simple habit that goes a long way. Rinsing the mouth after meals can help avoid food from being stuck in the teeth, and therefore protect your child from germ build-up as well as bad breath. Not just the teeth, but your child’s mouth and tongue also need to be kept clean and this is one way to do so.

03 Breaking The Thumbsucking Habit

It’s normal for babies to suck their thumbs or want a pacifier, but beyond the age of 2 years, this can create problems like misalignment of their front teeth. It also poses a risk of tooth decay because it can transmit the S.mutans bacteria responsible for dental caries.

Similarly, bottle feeding and putting your baby to bed with the bottle, are also not recommended for the same reasons. It is important to watch out for these routine habits and wean your child off these habits.

04 Healthy Snacking

Snacking and eating irregularly or too often can increase the risk of tooth erosion. This is because when you eat, acid builds up to dissolve the food. While this is normal, when it is happening too often due to frequent snacking between meals, it can lead to the erosion of teeth. This is especially true with milk teeth as their enamel is a thinner coating.

If your child needs to snack between meals, make sure you plan these snacks and provide only healthy snacks that are not high in sugar or other unhealthy ingredients. It is especially important to limit sugary snacks as they significantly increase the risk of erosion.

05 Enjoying The Process

Teach your kids these habits in fun ways. Once they are slightly over 4 or 5 years old, you can do this by helping them understand why it’s important for them to take care of their teeth and making the habit fun for them. There are several cartoon videos online that will help your little one understand and enjoy their dental care. One of the things you must teach your kids is staying consistent with the habits they learn.

Don’t let these habits get routinely and boring. Be a part of your child’s brushing and dental care habits. Brush with them, or bring in toys, or even your child’s favourite cartoons and characters, like Barbie, Motu Patlu and Spiderman, which can be found on the tubes of Colgate Kids Toothpaste! So making these habits fun is not really impossible, as long as you get creative!

And it will even be worth the effort because once your little one starts to enjoy it, your job of brushing their teeth and ensuring their complete dental care will be so much easier. So take a pledge, not just to make brushing fun but also to raise your little one with good habits that will protect their smiles for a lifetime!

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