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Planning A Honeymoon After Having Kids

Having a baby is a big change. Your life changes tremendously after the newest addition to your family. While some things change for good, some changes may not be desirable. Erratic sleeping schedules are one of those things that you may not really enjoy about parenthood. Likewise, there are some other changes that you may not notice on the first go.

Spending alone time with your partner now seems like a luxury, one that you do not want to have at the expense of keeping your baby away with your relatives for a few hours. While a romantic dinner date once in a while is doable, a honeymoon seems impossible.

But do not worry, planning a honeymoon after having kids is not only possible but can also be extremely fun. Most couples put off the idea of going on a honeymoon after having a baby, but there is actually all the more reason for you to plan one.

To start with, you should consider the following factors – the age of your children, your budget, the place, etc. and even before all of this, there is one crucial question which you need to answer – do you want to take the kids along? Make sure that you answer this question truthfully and not out of a sense of parental duty towards your children.

If you do plan to take them with you, then you need to consider their wants and requirements. If not, then you will have to figure out where you will keep them for the time for which you will be gone. While the latter may seem like a bad course of action, the former involves a lot of risks. And when we say risk, we mean the risk of going on a honeymoon and having zero fun.

No one wants to have a sulky teenager or a bored toddler cutting into their relaxing time. So make sure that the place you choose and the arrangements that you make are enough to entertain your children. You are going to have to put their needs and demands before looking at destinations. Remember the golden rule: if they are happy, you are too.

Honestly, the honeymoon should be about partners catching up on all the lost time. So while it may seem like a bad thing to do, the best way in which you can enjoy your honeymoon is this – do not take your kids along. Plan a small getaway and ask your family members or friends to look after your children for a couple of days. They will be glad to do so.

Having children eats up your time like never before; if you both are working, even more so. Adjusting to your children’s sleep schedules and school routines become so mundane and chaotic that after a certain point, you and your partner deserve a break to refresh and start with a fresh mind.

Just remember that this is supposed to be a ‘honeymoon’ and you don’t need to feel guilty about not having taken the kids. You can always look forward to planning a ‘family vacation’ in the future.


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