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Places To Visit This Summer With Your Baby!


It is normally quite stressful to manage a household especially when you have a newborn or a toddler at home. In the morning, you would have to check to see whether your house is clean, and then cook, bathe your child, and tend to other miscellaneous necessities like bedding, running errands for food, milk, etc. Arguably, the biggest pleasure you get is from taking care of your baby, tending to your baby, and having your whole world light up with just a smile from your baby. However, this “biggest pleasure” is also what leads you to build-up stress within you. 


Fear not ladies, for we have come up with a list of places for you to blow-off steam, especially this summer:


If it’s summer, the first thing you would think of is the blazing hot sun, but after that comes a fantasy of enjoying water under the hot sun. What better way is there for you to do so than HITTING THE BEACH in GOA. Goa has always been the prime go-to vacation spot in India. Your family will never have a day of dullness in Goa. Especially the beach-side destinations with amazing food and a view that will never let your enthusiasm drop.

So GO TO GOA and watch your little one play in the water, build sandcastles, collect seashells, click adorable photographs and bond with each other while savouring the taste of a stress-free vacation.

2. Munnar

If you want your child and your family to experience the beauty of nature, then search no more. Munnar is the place to go! The morning fog along with the greenery, animals, birds compliment each other so well that the natural beauty alone would have you gasp, but wait there's more - the hill stations are located in such a place that a family vacation is ideal and the air is so fresh and is much cleaner than that in congested cities.

You can enjoy safe and adventurous activities with your child and family like boating, elephant rides, treehouses, etc.

3. Manali

Surrounded by snow, lush valleys and the presence of hot springs pretty much make Manali an ideal location for a vacation. Manali, in Himachal Pradesh, is filled with white snow, making it a very attractive piece of landscape to have fun in, especially for kids who enjoy playing in the snow, building a castle, snowman or other creative works. After the snow, you can go sightseeing in the temples, valleys or you can enjoy an adventurous fun activity with your family like horse riding, river rafting, camping, etc.

After spending the day surrounded by snow, you get to cap off the night with a relaxing bath in the hot springs. What could be better than that?

4. Sikkim

Sikkim is a very kid friendly holiday destination. It is home to the gigantic, majestic Himalayas which presents along with it a kind of raw natural beauty. It also has a lot of monasteries which gives you an ethnic feeling of the place. It is the place which marks the boundary for the border of China. The safe environment and helpful locals make the destination very kid friendly. You can let yourself witness the taste of simple living by visiting nearby small towns. Taking your kids to the Nathu La pass to learn how to respect “our soldiers” can also be a patriotic experience for your kid.

You can also visit places like the Himalayan zoo in Gangtok, ride the ropeway, take a safari on a “Yak”, or go camping.

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