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Pigeon India Has An Important Message For You!

From loving endlessly to protecting perpetually, to holding the family together with constant support, motherhood is a journey with many wonderful ups and downs. From putting back the lego blocks to their place to cooing and cuddling the kids all night, mothers give their all for their children. Despite being a human with unfathomable emotions and highs and lows in their moods, they still love their children indispensably. But this constant love can blossom beautifully and forever only if mothers take care of themselves.

Now, mothers may ask - “Between endless laundry and grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking, following the schedules and chasing children around, where do we have time to take care of ourselves?” For this, the first step is the realization that self-care is not an indulgence, it is a necessity.

To create awareness on the self-care among mothers, Pigeon conducted a contest as a part of mother’s day campaign #EveryMotherIsSpecial. The contest was held for 5 days and the mothers were invited to share their precious parenting journey stories along with photos. Over 500 moms took part and shared their stories on social media for the campaign. From talking about the bonds mom-child shared to how the child helped the mother grow, moms proudly talked about all their experiences. But beyond that, the campaign focused on how mothers need to take care of themselves every day to keep their families happy and healthy.

Here are a few stories that moms had shared:

With endless responsibilities in hand, it may appear difficult for moms to take care of themselves every day. But nevertheless, it is a necessity they shouldn’t escape from. Your children are watching you and they wish to be like you one day. They learn from you about how to talk to themselves, how to treat their bodies, how to value time and how to take care of themselves emotionally and physically. They look up to you.

So, ensure you are the right role model for your children. Make time and space for self-care in your daily routine. Shuffle off some priorities and ensure your self-care is non-negotiable. After all, a proper self-care every day can lift you from the fog and help you be ready for all the things that come next. Most importantly, it will enable you to continue being the best mother you can be!

Watch this Mother's Day video by Pigeon India:

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