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Photo Blog- What Motherhood REALLY Looks Like

A woman has so many roles to play in a lifetime. Being a mother is the biggest role she needs to fulfill. Just like every other mom, most of us want to portray a picture perfect life always. Be it posting pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat...we all want to express out motherhood in some way or the other.

But what happens behind the camera is hilarious and absolutely adorable.Be it messy hair, lipsticks all over the mouth, drawings on the wall, everything is so funny!

So, here are a bunch of pictures which portray the reality of motherhood. 

1. Expectations vs. Reality
2.Sleepy Heads

Photo Courtesy:  Anna  Ogier- Bloomer

3.Let me do it, honey!

Photo Courtesy: Anna Ogier- Bloomer

4.When hunger strikes
5. Booby Trap
6.Behind the scenes
7.Get your child crayons, they said!
8.Yay Friday! SO WHAT!
9. Load them with kisses
10. Lemme take a selfie!
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