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Photo Blog- A Miracle Called Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most bittersweet experience in a woman’s lifetime. The pain is intense but nothing compares the sweetness of holding your baby in your loving arms and caressing that little soul with all the love you have. You have successfully embarked your journey on the road of Motherhood. Is a beautiful path and you have all the powers in the world to raise a little human the way you want to.

Isn’t it amazing that only women are blessed with the ability of bringing another human into the world?! What you’re about to see will definitely blow your motherly mind! 

1.The final push from deliverance

Courtesy: Katie Leu Photography

2.I am ready to be a mommy!

Courtesy: Kourtnie Elizabeth Documentary

3.In my hands, I hold my pride! 
Courtesy: Elise Hurst photography
4.A part of my flesh and blood
5. The moment I heaved a sigh of relief

Courtesy: EVBEE photography

6.Hello world!!

Courtesy: Peanuts and Parents

7. The 2 loves of my life!

Courtesy: Kourtnie Elizabeth Documentary

8.Mommy, can I hold my baby brother?
9. Are you my mommy?

Courtesy: Jennifer Mason photography

10.I am your creator

Courtesy: Angela

11.My first meal

Courtesy: Stephanie Shirley Photography

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