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Perks Of Raising Your Children In A Joint Family

Though nuclear families are on a rise, several households still choose to live together under one roof. Living in a joint family comes with its own set pros and cons. Sharing the same home as their first family is a boon for all kids. It’s a joyride and there’s always somebody to ask for help!

Below is a list of advantages enjoyed by children brought up in a joint family

1. Values

Being brought up with the elders of the family inculcates values in children that shape their moral character and stay with them throughout their lives. This is one of the most important and invaluable aspects of being brought up in a joint family

2 .Well attended

If you are a working mother, leaving your child behind with the family is a much better option than leaving them with just the help or in crèches. This ensures that they are well supervised and their needs and wants are attended to, which further makes the child feel secure and not neglected. 

3.  Disciplined

Children brought up in joint families tend to be more disciplined than children brought up in nuclear families. The reason for this is that there are so many role models within the house that it gets easier for parents to teach the child good habit.

4. More interactive

Children brought up in joint families are more likely to be better at communicating than their counterparts in nuclear families. This is because they are in a habit of interacting with other members of their family from their early years and hence don’t find it difficult to communicate with people

5. Believe in unity

Being in a joint family teaches children the true meaning of the proverb “united we stand, divided we fall” at a very young age. They are believers and supporters of teamwork and don’t find it difficult to work with others even later on in their lives.

6. The perks of cousins

As living with your full first family means living with your cousins, there is never a dull moment! Every child has a special bond with their cousins, especially in their teenage years. They have somebody to constantly talk to and have endless fun under the same roof.

7. Life lessons

Grandparents are great orators and even better storytellers! They often tell their grandchildren stories, the traditional ones or based on their own experiences, which can prove to be important life lessons.

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