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Parents Confess: Mistakes They Made As New Parents

Every parent wants nothing but the well being of their bundle of joy. However, as exciting it may appear, bringing up a child may not always be smooth sailing, especially for a new parent. With no prior knowledge or experience, it is quite natural for parents to make mistakes while raising their first child. Mentioned below are few such confessions of new parents which will serve as an eye-opener for all the expectant as well as new parents so that they can enjoy a hassle-free parenthood.

Googled my child’s problem instead of consulting the paediatrician:

In today's age, researching about a particular condition (especially health condition) is a child's play. Almost every information is available over the internet. Many parents have confessed that if their child showed any signs of discomfort, (such as crying incessantly, making a fuss while eating/ breastfeeding, to name a few), they would google about the same to understand the condition better. Shreya was no different. Her child would just not eat food and she did the obvious- googled about the problem. With the research resulting in more chaos, confusions, and panic attacks, the problem remained static with negligible signs of improvements. With medical assistance, things were of course back on track within a few months. Till date, Shreya regrets having not consulted the paediatrician on time.

Fed my baby solid foods way too early:

Most paediatricians recommend breastfeeding at least for the first six months which is known to benefit both the mother as well as the child significantly. However, Rahul and Pihu had a different perception. They put their baby on solid foods when he was merely four months old. Surprisingly, the attending paediatrician too had no problem with this Big Problem. Luckily, they soon realized their foolishness when Rahul's maternal aunt came over to stay at their place. They consulted another experienced paediatrician and breastfeeding was resumed without wasting any time. But how could a paediatrician make such a mistake is still baffling for Rahul and Pihu?

Left the baby alone in the crib crying:

A baby always looks for love, care, and protection. No wonder, many babies get inconsolable the moments their parents (especially mother) go out of their sight. As a first-time mom, Prerna was all excited. She wanted the best for her child. She would listen to all the parenting tips and try and implement them. One such idea was to leave the child alone when crying. This was believed to make the child mentally strong. Prerna did as suggested by a well-wisher. But there was a problem- the child in question was only two months old and this continued for six long months. However, soon better sense prevailed and the baby's sufferings came to an end. However, Prerna still gets teary-eyed thinking about the same.

I did not breastfeed my newborn baby in spite of being medically fit to do so:

Nothing can be more nutritious for a new-born than his/her mother's milk. However, Sushma, a mother of a five-year-old girl child confesses that she skipped breastfeeding her newborn baby. The reason is not even known to her. Strange but true! The jitters of being a first-time mom can make you do crazy stuff and Sushma is a perfect example of this. She continued this for at least a week until her mother found out the stupidity and reprimanded her for the same.

I did not hold or cradled my baby:

Holding the child for the first time is indeed a surreal feeling. However, Pranav was deprived of this feeling for a good one year. Being a first-time dad, he would always get cold feet whenever he was asked to hold the baby in his arms. He would panic, "What if I drop the baby or hurt him"? He was a loving husband and loved his child no less, but the fear overpowered the love he had for his child. With proper counselling and family support, he did overcome the fear. On the first birthday, Rahul ensured his child sat on his lap while cutting the cake. Since then there has been no looking back.

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