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Parenting Life: Why You Should Pat Yourself On The Back

Parenting is not an easy job and the task of bringing up physically, emotionally and socially healthy individuals is filled with numerous challenges. In spite of all the problems that come their way, most parents survive it and become successful in bringing up decent individuals.

This journey does not have a stipulated time period but it is a lifelong process, right from birth to kindergarten, to school, to high school, university and then finally it is unbelievable for some couples that their little ones are finally ready to take the leap and fly the cage.

Parents are extremely harsh on themselves and often fail to see the success that they have achieved and how the entire journey has shaped them over the years. Your children are your mirrors to this progress. Take some time and look back upon the previous year, or the previous month to see how your child and you have grown as a person and the productive things that you have done. It can be as small as learning to cycle, read, write, etc.

The big question remains, however. Can we ever do enough? Perhaps not, but we always try to do our very best. It is better to focus on the fact that the glass is half filled than to focus on the downside that the glass is half empty. There are some things that will be totally out of your control and you can only do so much to lessen their impact. Focus on where you were and how far you’ve come instead of thinking about how much is still left to do.

All parents want what is best for their children, but situations do not always work in your favour. At times, parents have to look after children with special needs and put in a lot more effort than otherwise. Remember that you are lucky enough to have a child of your own and you were blessed with the gift of birth and creation.

The first few months are always very difficult and foggy, but once you sync into each other’s schedules, things start to fall into place and the initial confusion starts clearing up in order to make space for brighter things. No matter how many books you read on parenting and how many classes you take for the same, you will always have some things that you simply cannot do because of the paucity of time or resources.

Most parents believe that their role is to meet their children’s’ requirements all the time, which is a misguided logic. Parents, you need to know that whatever you have done until that point of time in life is a great deed for which you deserve a pat on the back. You have brought up a child while managing several other things such as a full-time job, relationships and other challenges that came your way. 

It is important to know that you got through everything so far, and you can get through some more too, take a breath and relax. Parenting is a difficult task and even the smallest of things that you do make a huge difference, so don’t forget to pat yourself on the back!

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